Friday, August 5, 2011


Yes, yes I know that the beginning of fall camp is an important to bloggers like Tesla, Dawgtooth, and me. After 5 months of virtually nothing in regard to sports news at UGA, save Diamond Dawg action, there's finally some stuff to talk about without trying to rummage up some news. If you've taken a look at The Dawgbone lately, you'd know just how many folks start cranking up the blog machine in the last three weeks.

Translation - it's absurdly easy to get your Dawg fix every day.

So what's my point here? Well, in a time that we should be burning the airwaves up with fall camp chatter, the entire staff here at H2H made the decision that the sun and sand of Florida is far too appealing to turn down. I know, I know... who's going to pay the bills and cash the checks? I guess we'll have to get the secretaries on that.

Just FYI, we'll be back to full clip late next week, but we'll have the our daily __ Days and Tweet O' the Day continuing without interruption. We'll also try to throw together a podcast late in the week just to catch you up. Should there be any major developments, we'll also keep you filled in on all the painful details.

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