Tuesday, August 30, 2011

H2H Guest Writer: Brandon Pledger's "Helmet" Response

The following is a piece written by current sports-at-work.com writer, Brandon Pledger. Pledger is -- to my knowledge -- a fan of H2H and an established blogger of all things Georgia. We thought having a guest writer leading up to the opening kickoff would be a nice change of pace for H2H. Hope you enjoy

What ever happened to good ol' fashioned common sense? It seems it all went out the window when I reported that the red stripe on the front of the Bulldog's facemask was a tribute to one of the greatest coaches in NCAA history, Erk Russell. The tribute was as obvious as the blood that dripped down Erk Russell's forehead.

Why else would Nike put a red stripe down the middle of the facemask? No other team got a red stripe, or a blue stripe, or a green stripe. Greg McGarity may not have known about the tribute, but that is beside the point. Erk Russell's family may not even know that there is a tribute to Erk.

It wouldn't be the first time Nike used a famous icon's likeness to sell a shirt. When I was about 11 years old I bought one of my all time favorite Nike shirts. It read "You Don't Know Diddley" and it had a picture of Bo Diddley's likeness above the script. I loved the shirt because I loved the blues and Nike at the time. 

It wasn't until later that I found out that Bo Diddley's estate was suing Nike for using his likeness without his permission. Now I don't want to start a lawsuit because I am only making guesses. I don't even know what the result of that case was.

I just want everyone to know that I didn't make up the information I received and my information is reliable.

If I could get a twitter follow @BrandonPledger from anyone that doesn't already follow me, it would make this all worth it.

I have since quit writing for Bleacher Report and I will write for my favorite blawgs including my own, Junkyard Dawg Blawg

I will be writing for Sport-At-Work, CollegeFootballFreaks, and Hedges to Hardwood and hopefully I will be adding Leather Helmet Blog to that list. 

-- Brandon Pledger 

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