Thursday, August 4, 2011

Georgia Theatre -- Back in Business!

I spent many nights trying not to fall on my face because of the slanted floors. While attending various concerts at the Georgia Theatre, I saw bands ranging from Appetite For Destruction (a Guns 'N' Roses tribute band) to Zac Brown...before he found fame. I -- along with anyone else who paid attention -- would have to acknowledge that it wasn't exactly the classiest looking place on earth; I thought catching a weird communicable disease there on a given night was a 50/50 proposition. Regardless, there were a lot of memories with my friends from my college days that took a solid punch to the gut when I learned the theatre had burnt to a crisp two years ago.

If you put a positive spin on it though, a renovation WAS probably in order, and the resulting rebuild has garnered a great deal of attention in Athens. The official "grand opening" was actually on August 1, and will last until August 14. The Red & Black has posted some nice photos of the new place (seen below) and I must say -- it looks pretty nice. The opening concert was a sold out show featuring The Glands, Madeline Adams, and the Black Velvet Band:

It's good to know that an iconic Athens landmark is back in the game. 

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  1. That place was a shithole the first time I saw a band there and that was Allgood in 1990. It needed an overhaul.