Tuesday, August 2, 2011

***FREE STUFF***: It's a Giveaway Contest and You're Invited

We're trying to market the site a little better lately and the Tesla, Dawgtooth, and I have decided that it might behoove us to give a few things away. If you've been following us on Twitter (@Hedges2Hardwood), you'd already know that by now. We had a little re-tweet contest last week and also handed out a few of the new items.

Anyway, getting to the point, we want to give back to some of our readers. For those of you who read the site with any regularity, we very much appreciate your patronage. For those of you who occasionally click through or now visit because we wrote a "dumb" article one time, we also very much appreciate taking the time out of your day to visit. Either way, we appreciate it.

So, it's time for the FREEBIE portion of this post (and maybe another).

There are two opportunities today on H2H to win something. The first is, obviously, this article. The second, will take a little more time (about an hour and ten minutes) and may require some ear plugs. Hopefully you pick up on the hints laced in that last sentence. It's basically a mouse hunt. Good luck with that one.

All you have to do to win the prize featured below is:

  • Re-tweet this article with #GATA as a hashtag (preferred if you have a twitter).
  • Post in the comments your social security number, J/K, but seriously your credit card number would also do (We need a username not "ANON", otherwise we have no way to tell you you won).
  • "Like" H2H on Facebook. Sorry, but this is a shameless Facebook visibility campaign. Couldn't resist, apologies.

THE PRIZE: A BRAND-SPANKING NEW, HOT OFF THE PRESS H2H BUMPER STICKER! (And yes, we completely ripped off those SSI ones.)


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