Friday, August 26, 2011

Boise Uniform News: At Home and In The Dome

For centuries man has attempted to conceal their presence in nature through the use of camouflage, and apparently the Mountain West Conference feels that Boise State is doing the same. It was reported last month that the Broncos will not be able to wear their traditional all blue uniforms at home during conference games as mandated by the Mountain West. Coaches from within the conference felt that Boise received an unfair competitive advantage with the smurf suits on that obnoxiously blue turf.


The numbers are staggering, the Broncos have built a 77-2 record since 1999 while wearing blue. For years opposing coaches and players have complained about difficulties in watching film on Boise and tracking subtle intricacies of the Bronco offense. I guess the Mountain West was listening. Ultimately a uniform doesn’t play the game or put up points at a mind numbingly astounding pace, that’s all Boise. Lucky for Boise they already have a uniform lineup consisting of grey, orange, and white to mix with the blue.

Fortunately Georgia won’t have to deal with the blue on blue scenario as the turf in the Georgia Dome is green, and Nike has unveiled Boise’s new all white Pro Combat Uniforms. Now the game contract had stipulated that both UGA and Boise State wear home colors, until the good folks at Nike got involved. Chick-fil-A officials be damned, Nike wields a pretty big stick and seems to make the rules up as they go. So home blue was simply changed to home white. Where is Teddy Roosevelt and his propensity for trust busting when you need him?

Despite looking like orderlies at an insane asylum, I rather like the Bronco’s Pro Combat uniforms (excluding the graphic bronco helmet).

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