Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Reason to Make Fun of Tech

Just take a look at the USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll for 2011...

Notice anything strange? To give you a cliffnotes version of this poll, here are a few points that are fact:
  • Air Force, Houston, South Florida, Hawaii, Southern Miss, NC State, NORTHERN ILLINOIS, and Washington ALL received more votes than Tech in the rankings
  • Presumably, their lone vote was via Paul Johnson himself (though I can't prove this, and am not positive he even gets a vote)
This speaks to a much larger problem for the Jackets: Nobody disputes Paul Johnson's ability to coach on the field, but will his lack of big-time recruiting classes prohibit him from achieving long-term success? When you add the recent NCAA violations -- which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way -- is CPJ's tenure not as solid as we think? Everyone in the state is saying this is Richt's "do or die" season, and I agree, but it won't be long before Johnson will be criticized IF he continues his poor recruiting classes (and fails to beat UGA again). 

Sure I am RIGOROUSLY knocking on wood here, but I thought a little Tech bashing was long overdue on the blog. Enjoy your day...

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