Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 Days: Alec Ogletree

If UGA ever had a "Zero Body Fat Off" it would most likely come down to two guys: Orson Charles and the guy pictured above. Personally, I am just glad he is still on the team. When you get into legal trouble as a freshman, it doesn't bode well typically. But, to his credit, I have heard of virtually no off-the-field troubles for 'Tree since his scooter helmet swipe

As for his on-the-field ability, Ogletree is primed -- not guaranteed but primed -- to have a breakout season as he makes the switch to inside linebacker from safety. And at 6-3 235, I think he should comfortably make that transition.  Now let's just hope he stays healthy. We don't have a lot of experience sitting behind him on the depth chart:

From the rumblings I've heard about practices, he is fitting in nicely. He has -- on more than one occasion -- led the team in tackles during scrimmages. Out of our current defense, you would be hard-pressed to find a more gifted player. My guess: Assuming he stays healthy, 'Tree should stand a good chance at being an All-SEC linebacker. He's got that kind of talent. Let's hope he uses some of it.

Next up: #8 Chris Sanders


  1. Brandon Boykin would give Tree and Orson a run for their money in the "zero body fat off."

  2. Anon,

    Very true, Boykin is pretty jacked.