Friday, August 26, 2011

8 Days: Chris Sanders

Well, replacing the former #8 will not be easy, but someone is at least going to try. That guy is one of the true freshmen on the team -- Chris Sanders. Sanders was recruited as an "athlete" but is playing cornerback this season (and presumably his entire career). Sanders, a three-star recruit in 2011, came from the Division I football recruit factory known as Tucker High School, and also received offers from Auburn and Florida State. The biggest issue with him right now is a common one with true freshmen -- he needs to put on a few LBs. 

It is still unclear as to whether Sanders will get playing time this season or redshirt. My guess would be a redshirt, as fellow true freshman corner, Damian Swann, seems to be gaining a lot of steam in fall camp. But, we've already seen a defensive back go down in the secondary (Jakar Hamilton) which means that Sanders Commings will be playing safety this season, so who knows. Regardless, I'm a fan of snagging these "mid-level" recruits from big schools; if they play against the best competition and are being recruited by major programs, then they will most likely contribute before their career is over. Wear the #8 proudly, have some big shoes to fill.

Next up: #7 Orson Charles

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