Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 Days: Orson Charles

If they ever need a new cover guy for a new NFL Blitz video game, then Orson would make a good candidate. He is tabbed as a preseason first-team tight end, and for good reason:

He's been one of the most consistent players on offense and personally, I would like to see him utilized more in the pass game -- but I won't attempt to be couch potato OC. Anyway, for whatever reason, UGA has found a knack for putting tight ends in the NFL just look at some of the recent names who have played multiple season in "the League":
  • Jermaine Wiggins (2000-2007)
  • Randy McMichael (2002-present)
  • Ben Watson (2004-present)
  • Leonard Pope (2006-present)
My guess would be Charles will add to the NFL list (and possibly Aron White, Jay Rome and, Arthur Lynch). One thing is for sure...I wouldn't advise getting into a back-alley brawl with the guy. 

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  1. And just how many td's has the great Orson Charles caught per season? 2? 3? And how many td's against ranked teams? What? 0. The Auburn TE scored 5 times on 15 passes. 2 against us.

  2. yea and how many people cared about lutzenkeichen when playing auburn? they had to cover Cam/Dyer/McCaleb/ etc. which were all great running threats in the redzone.

    Georgia in the redzone? AJ Green and Orson Charles. Very easy to cover well known receivers when you don't have a good o-line or RB's. No one knew who Lutzy was.

  3. Charles averages 2 passes a game at UGA. Boise & SC may as well not even cover him, use the xtra man to double T King or blitz to disrupt the run. Charles is a complete non-factor on this team.

  4. Florida game, Gators had a great gameplan, don't cover Charles, force Murray to throw over the middle to charles to beat them, bring 8 in the box to stop the run, double AJ Green. It worked, as Murray threw an interception at the end of the game trying t foce a throw to Charles over the middle. Expect Boise State to try the same thing.

  5. People, Orson splits time/opportunities with Aron White and we had a guy named AJ Green last season. It is not his fault he didn't have more opportunities imo.


    Orson had a career game vs. UF. He had 6 rec. for 108 yds. We scored 31 points. Did Florida REALLY have that great of a gameplan? And I went back and looked...NONE of Murray's INTs were when he tried to throw to Charles during that game. The one at the end was to someone else.

  6. Orson is easily one of the best 3 tight ends in the country. Are people really being negative concerning him?

    It wouldn't be hard to convince me that he's the BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM in terms of his position.

    There's a reason that Richt has said he's our best RECEIVER - because he's probably not going to be playing a true TE role most of the time. We have four guys who will play TE this year plus a very good h-back type of player.

    Get your #7 jerseys and pom poms ready.

  7. Uh, you might wasnt to watch that OT Int again, Orson was 2 yards away when Orson's defender tipped the pass that was picked. Murray, as usual, threw behind the receiver. murray threw a 2nd pick trying to hit a wdie open TE ove rhte middle in that game. Of course Charles had 100 yards, no one covered him. In the OT, just did a little defensive disguise, Murray fell for it, game over. Charles has never caught a td against a ranked team in his years at Georgia. Until Charles starts scoring in a real game, against a ranked team, ain't no NFL teams calling his number. Charles ain't a big game dude.

  8. Charles had 4 td's in his career. Against unranked teams like Kentucky, Tenn Tech in 2009 and Georgia Tech and Florida in 2010.

    How did Charles do weeks 2-4 in 2010 when AJ was out?


  9. Wow! Mountain your whole comment digs more at Murray than Orson. Also the UF game last season was quite possibly his best game as a UGA TE. If you watch the game tape again you will see a linebacker or in some cases a DB in coverage trailing Orson. We haven't truly used a TE since Pope. Orson has been vastly underused during his time at UGA and has not received near enough targets. Now has he undrperformed his expectations? Maybe, but not all of it is his fault. Any objective observer can see he has the ability and skill to be an elite TE and will be a very high draft pick. As always thanks for reading.

  10. If Charles is sooooo good, why did Richt only call 26 plays for him all season? If Charles is soooo good, why can't he score against a ranked team in his ENTIRE career? If Charles is sooo good, why didn't he show up when AJ was out weeks 2-4? Charles basically dissapears in the red zone--whose fault is that?

  11. Did Orson steal your girlfriend in High School or something?

  12. Or something. I just don't like guys being referred to as "nfl" when they can't run block, drop over 40% of the balls thrown their way, can't score on ranked teams, and only get used a couple times a game. If e's the real deal, he needs to step up and score against the big boys for once in his career.

  13. Anonymous 5:25, you're starting to sound like the pro-UGA blogger Senator Blut, check out his article "circle the wagons or something else" sounds a lot like your "steal your girlfirend or something else?' style. You'll like his blog, it's nothing but pro UGA.

  14. I like this H2H blog the best. Get a lot of different perspectives. Commentators do a good job. It's not strictly a homer site like Dawg Stephen and Blutarsky, so at least for me, sets you guys apart, like dozens of my bloggin buddies, don't take those sites seriously because of they're only pro-Ga approach. But hey, different strokes. I got 1 friend who just loves those 2 sites.

  15. Thanks Vince,

    Honesty is our number one goal here -- good or bad (while also being informative and entertaining we hope). Hope you look forward to a big upcoming week on H2H.