Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 Days: John "Motel 6" Jenkins

He's big...
(Photo courtesy of AB-H and David Manning)

We're officially under a week now. I smell the grass, spilled beer, and tailgate grills firing up the most delectable ruminations of meat one can imagine. Seriously though, I'm really starting to get MEGA-CRAZY-SILLY excited after realizing that football season is only about 156 hours away (as of the time of this article's posting). If that doesn't get your blood stirring you're either A) Georgia Tech fan; B) from France; or C) a terrorist. I guess it's possible that you could be all three of these at one time, but I digress...

Today's spot on the countdown is occupied by JUCO transfer NT, John Jenkins. Jenkins is famous for several reasons, but, most notably, his bevy of nicknames and satellite attracting size. (Find video of Jenkins below before the nicknames)

Here's a small list of some the couple handles we've heard (feel free to add your own in the comments).

  • Big Daddy Jenks - This one was from Bruce Figgins
  • Big John - negative points for creativity

And my favorite...

  • Motel 6 - from a commentor... Classic!

For the record, if you hear some tall bearded fellow in the Dome yelling "Motel 6" it'll most likely be be.

I'd have to say that Motel 6 may well be the second-most hyped player coming into Georgia this year after Isaiah. Because of the glaringly apparent lack of a true nose tackle last year, the Dawgs needed a quick shot in the arm with a top junior college kid. 

In steps Big Daddy Jenks...

But before Jenkins could get his feet wet on campus, the incumbent, Kwame Geathers put it together and started dominating people. Geathers has since been the talk of the defense (with Ogltree) and Big John has spent a great deal of his time in Athens hampered by injuries, which are currently still sidelining the mammoth 345-lb'er. 

In the time Jenkins has been able to see the field, it seems like the coaches get somewhat of a kinda "meh" attitude in what they've seen so far. Impressed with his athleticism and most fit 345 pounds you'll ever see - yes; pad level and consistency - not so sure. Both of these last two issues are more than fixable in a short amount of time, so don't worry about it hampering him this season.

From what I've heard regarding John, reading between the lines of Richt's comments, he makes a play, then doesn't make the next play when he should've, gets frustrated, and doesn't know how to shake it off and play through it.

Don't get disparaged big fella.

We have two good NTs this year when we had zero last year. No offense to DeAngelo Tyson, but he was obviously playing out of position. I expect a gigantic leap in d-line production this year and, in turn, better linebacker play. When OLs get through the d-line and into the second level, you lose games - ALLOT of games. I don't anticipate that happening nearly as much this season with the quality we have in the interior.


Next up: No. 5, Damian Swann


  1. Love the motel 6 nickname. The slogan of the year I read earlier "motel 6 he'll knock the lights out for you"

  2. Needs to be a giant leap, we were not good in tackles for loss, sacks, 3rd downs, and stopping the run.

  3. John "Jumbo" Jenkins.

    Mt. Athens.

    The 6th Wonder of the World.

    Number of the Beast.

    S.O.S.: Six degrees of seperation.

    HexNut: He'll put a Hex on You (Hexagons have 6 sides)

  4. Dang, I never thought "Motel 6" would take off like it did after I mentioned it months ago. I brought it up to John on Twitter, and he said he prefers Big Daddy Jenks.

  5. Mt. Athens is great, also like 6th wonder of the world.

    Motel 6? Trite.

  6. Motel 6? Isn't that already taken and copyrighted?

  7. funny part is, Geathers is bigger than Jenkins, and Geathers was on the team last year, sure wish Grantham would have played the 6'6' 350 lb Geathers instead of Tyson.

  8. Somebody needs to get Jenkins out of the motel 6 tub. You can't make the club in the tub. Garner ain't happy with Jenkins so far, that for sure.

  9. Jenkins done checked out of da Motel 6.

    He checked into da Club Tub.

  10. Don't any of you guys ever update. Big Daddy was back at practice Monday. Huge, healthy, and hungry for some horse meat. By all accounts he had a dominating performance in his first practice back from the hammy strain. With he and Kwame rotating and staying fresh, ain't nobody going to run up the gut on us this year.