Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Days: Damian Swann

Already looks good in that silver lid with a G on it...
Yes, you read that correctly. It's a short 5 days away from "Bronco Destruction in the Dome" or "How Our Season Goes Down in Flames in less than 60 Minutes". I'm not sure which will happen, but I'll welcome the opportunity to view either, as I caught myself watching some obscure MAC game of the week last week sometime to quell the throbbing pain of being starved of football for so long.

It could be equated to the pain zombies feel when deprived of grey matter. Actually, Dawgola caught me on video last week after a long day at the lab...

Seriously, though it's starting to get to be that time of year again.

Today's lucky player of the day is true freshman cornerback Damian Swann. Unlike his last name, Swann has a killer instinct and isn't some pretty pearly white pond-sitter that people adore. If he actually was a Swann, he'd be the most badass one you ever met. Here's a few of his theoretical vitals:

  • Instead of white, he'd be red. Not because he's "spreading the red" but because he ripped out all the other pond-dwelling creature's throats.
  • Like every bird mascot in existence, he'd have teeth. To hell with just a beak, he needs incisors closely resembling a sabre-toothed cat.
  • He is fluent in three languages. English, Duck, and Cantonese. For obvious reasons on the first two, but Cantonese because he and Rambo have spent a lot of time together (in Athens and Southeast Asia).
After seeing Damian last fall twice live, it doesn't surprise me that he's turning a lot of heads in Athens. He's a fast, long kid that has a lot of ability and it sure is shining through early on, as he's currently at #2 on the depth chart. He wasn't the 3rd ranked corner in the country last year because he's fish bait.

With the depth issues that we have in the upper class ranks, I fully expect that Swann will play more than most true freshman corners that have come through Georgia in quite some time. I've only heard rave reviews about this kid thus far, so I'm guessing that I'll see a lot of the #5 on the field come Satiddy night.

If all this talk is true, I don't mind that at all. If you haven't seen our video of him in action last year check it out below.


Next up: No. 4, Uhhhh....

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