Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 Days: Possible switch for Crowell or Smith?

Okay I know what you’re thinking…Wes is going to make a post about the [name redacted] former running back that once filled this position in our count down. However, I promise not to mention [name redacted] for the remainder of this post and will concentrate solely on the future of the once proud integer. Now walk-on Louis Capella does wear 4, but come on he's not gonna play. So what does 2011 hold for the number four?

The most obvious possibility for number four is the potential for either Branden Smith or Isaiah Crowell to switch from number one. Smith and Crowell will be addressed and expounded upon as we analyze day 1, but the prospect of these two being on the field at the same time for the offense does suggest that one might have to take another number.

Another possibility is that the coaching staff will simply leave the number four vacant this season and available for a 2012 recruit. So in other words the number four as it pertains to the Dawgs this season is boring! So let spice it up a little bit!

The Four Horsemen revolutionized wrestling
Random 4s:
-Number of elements: Fire, air, water and earth, unless you watched Captain Planet, in which heart was an element. I'm not buying it.
-In the year 4 AD Tiberius was named emperor of Rome by Augustus.
-Number worn by the quarterback who holds the record for most attempts at retiring. I believe you know who I mean.
-I Am Number Four, the horrendous looking sci-fi thriller starring Hollywood’s it guy of the moment, Alex Pettyfer. Uh save some money and avoid this one.
-The number of movements in a symphony.
-More religious meanings than you can imagine, none of which I’m gonna touch.
-Number worn by Lou Gehrig.
-Interestingly all insects, except flies, have four wings
-The 4 Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard) dominated wrestling during the late 80s. Flair subsequently became a Gamecock fan and roided himself into a never ceasing rage.
-The Fantastic Four was a classic Marvel comic turned movie series that frankly should have never been made. Minus Jessica Alba, total garbage.
-The 4 is usually manned by the power forward in basketball and the second baseman in baseball.
-The number of times it took Mike Tyson to pass the 6th grade. Kidding, don't hurt me Mike.

Did you really think I would forget quite possibly the best number 4 in the history of Georgia football? Champ Bailey once wore 4, which begs the question, when will UGA retire it?


  1. Not all insects have wings (you ever seen a flea or lice fly?) and flies technically do have 4 wings just two of them are modified as halteres or little gyroscope like appendages.

  2. I stand corrected FlyFisherman. I blame the Internet. Good info, thanks for reading.

  3. Well I happen to have an entomology graduate degree from our wonderful university so I wanted to make sure you knew that your readers were educated at the finest institution in the land and knew their stuff.