Tuesday, August 2, 2011

32 Days: Brandon Bogotay

Bogotay hobnobbing with Murray...
(Photo courtesy Richard Hamm, A-BH)


We're a mere month plus one day from kickoff. After the first day of the countdown and a little Kwame Geathers love, I thought I'd never get to fifty without some layover, much less 32. But alas, the day is here and I'm comping at the bit to get a little face time with today's highlighted player. How might you ask did I get said face-to-face interaction?

Well, it was a very strange occurrence. I just so happened to be attending a Keanu-holics Anonymous meeting when I realized that the guy sitting next to me kept talking about being confused for a certain surfing, football-playing, special agent who was best friends with Gary Busey before he went off the edge. Was it really Keanu Reeves with dyed hair? If it quacks like a duck...

MVD: So you're telling me that you get confused with KR all the time? Why?


MVD: Seriously, I know you're not Keanu Reeves -- you're Brandon Bogotay, you kick for the Dawgs... kinda.

BB: You're cold because all of the blood is running out of your body, Roach. You're gonna be dead soon. I hope it was worth it.

MVD: Roach? What, the name's Martin...

BB: I went to law school - I got a football scholarship!

MVD: Ok Brandon, I get it. You're from California and you obviously sound like Keanu, so you've dedicated your life to ACTUALLY being him...

BB: Bohdi! This is your wakeup call I AM AN F... B... I AGENT! QUIT EFFING AROUND!!!

MVD: Listen MAN, this is starting to get annoying, brah...

BB: You got a death wish. You want to ride to glory, fine. But, don't take Tyler with you. I'm begging you. Tell me where she is, and I walk away.

MVD: We all love Keanu here man, but you've taken it to another level Brah. Just... uh... walk away?

BB: I walk away.

MVD: (The "Ghost" of Patrick Swayze now beginning to fully take hold) That's beautiful... Johnny.

BB: Bodhi, I know you man. When they fall on you, you won't back down and they'll have to burn your ass to the ground.

MVD:  Shit happens, brah.

The forecast for a backup kicker looks bleak, especially if you're behind arguably the best kicker in the country in Blair Walsh. Considering it's both of these guy's senior seasons and Blair is the obvious number one, I have a bold prediction for you --

Bogotay boots the opening kickoff September 3rd, then doesn't see the field again until Senior Day. Suffice to say, I don't want to disparage the kid, but you can't hope to see much playing time if you're behind a guy the calibre of Walsh. Just ain't gonna work out well for you.


Next up: No. 31, Christian Conley

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