Wednesday, August 3, 2011

31 Days: Christian Conley

Sorry, no live action shot here...
(Courtesy of the AJC)


I can barely contain my excitement or my vocal volume, as you may well can tell from the yelling. I don't mean to be loud, but football is now only a month away. My mama always said don't wish your life away, but that 31 short days couldn't seem longer. Thankfully there's some fun in the sun in my near future and a some much needed rest and relaxation.

Now that I've got the bragging out of the way, it's time to get to the goods. Being that there's 31 days until kickoff with Boise, there's a certain wideout that will be prominently featured today. He's young, he's big, and I hope he can run fast after he catches it because we need some guys on the edge to step up their game. Today's spotlight shines squarely on freshman WR, Christian Conley.

I've seen Conley round Athens and, needless to say, this kid has some style. He took ZZ Top literally when they were talking about how to cloth yourself. In honor of his prowess in the dressing department, there are three simple tips to dressing for success this summer. From GQ's August issue:

  1. Untuck Without Coming Undone - I have no idea what in the hell this means. The only thing that comes to mind is that you're not 7 drinks deep after an hour of downtownery. This will only lead to trouble - with a capital HERP.
  2. Take Camo to a Higher Ground - Make sure and don't forget your M-16 here. You're not any closer to Seal Team 6 if you decide to sport this look. In fact, you lost ground after changing from those athletic shorts.
  3. Get Blazed - Find a lightweight, unlined blazer and get ready for a long night of getting hit on by other dudes with blazers on.
Christian is a big kid with a lot of talent and a lot of smarts. He was an early enrollee, which means that he has about 6 months on the new guys who just got into Athens in July. He had a few targets in the G-Day game, which tells me absolutely nothing, but at least he was semi-open and Murray was looking for him (I think it was Murray).

With all the hoopla surrounding Malcolm Mitchell lately and Wooten being listed ahead of him at the X, I'd estimate that Conley will have approximately the impact Marlon Brown had in his first year on campus. They're pretty similar in terms of size and ability, so I think that's a fair comparison. I think Conley has a bright future ahead of him, there just seems to be some other guys in front of him right now. 

Like I said, he's a bright kid with athletic ability and some upside, so I'm pretty optimistic about him as of now.


Next Up: No. 30, A THREE-FER? Jeremy Sulek (maybe?), Carlton Thomas, and Eric Elliot

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