Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 Days: Carlton Thomas

We're only a month away folks -- tomorrow we enter the "20's" in our countdown. I must say I am getting a little giddy here. Anyway, today we have one of our "I don't think I want to play" running backs (at least he is still on the team unlike SOME people I know). Carlton Thomas, sadly, is our leading returning rusher from last season (272 yds) and yet, is most likely suspended for at least one game (presumably Boise). It's still a little unclear on what his "violation of team rules" was exactly, but one thing is for sure -- Aaron Murray will be throwing the ball a lot -- I mean ALLOT. 

Anyway, I could take this time to bash CT's lack of production (which I have done in the past) but since our countdown posts infuse a mostly positive vibe, I will simply post his career stats:

Next up: #29 Jarvis Jones

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  1. Except for him screwing up and missing the first game, folks dig on CT like he's got some character flaw because he's not getting 6-7 ypc or because he's on the small side. I don't mind people saying they don't think CT can get the job done, but it's often a little mean spirited. I'd like to see more folks cut the guy a little slack - you don't have to want to see him as our #1 RB just to appreciate that he's probably out there competing and probably working hard to be a DGD the best way he knows how. I'd hate to be a guy on our team and be constantly reading people ripping me, regardless of my devotion or effort - can see why, after months and months of that, you might feel a little less loyal about your personal habits' effect on the team.