Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 Days: Blake Sailors

I was pleasantly surprised to see on UGA's official roster, that my favorite UGA special teams player was wearing #3 this season. As you may have noticed in the photo above, Sailors wore #5 last season, but that will be worn by Damian Swann. Actually, it's very possible that Blake Sailors will make the first official tackle for UGA's 2011 campaign (assuming he's still on the kickoff team).

One other very important note: Sailors, who was a walk-on last season, has earned a scholarship for 2011 (mainly due to our..uh...player turnover during the off-season). Here is an excerpt from a pretty good article by the Red&Black on Sailors earning a scholly:

“I wasn’t really expecting it, but I had hope,” he said. “I felt I had played well enough in my first year to get one now. I felt I maybe could have been the guy. I felt like I had done pretty well producing for the team. I still gotta come back and keep doing the same thing. If I got one or not, I was going to keep busting it, grinding, grinding, grinding, and just hopefully eventually get one one day. It came early for me, so I’m thrilled.”

I'd say he has earned it. Plus, he has an opportunity to rebuild the perception of the #3 jersey (not going into detail on this one but I think you get the point). Anyway, take note of Sailors flying down the field this Saturday on kickoff...and hopefully busting skulls.

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