Friday, August 5, 2011

29 Days: Jarvis Jones

G-Day 2011
(Photo Courtesy of 24-7 Sports)

It's only a short 29 day jaunt to the season, which means that you only have to endure these countdown posts for just over 4 more weeks. Regardless of what you think, I'll sure as hell be glad that they're over with come about 7 am on September 2nd. But for those of you who actually enjoy this little piece every morning, I thank you for your patience with my lame attempts at humor.

Anywho, today's spotlight is on a player that may make a huge impact early... or may not, depending on a lot of various factors - most of which involve matters out of his control. Who is controlling the matters in question is somewhat of a concern, as most of you already are aware.

I promise that you're not going to get another article on Jarvis or why I think he's going to be in the starting lineup come Saturday the 3rd, or why he isn't. Past this point there's nothing but wildly varying opinion and speculation, which I won't partake in any longer because I've discussed it ad nauseum. I'm just going to assume that he's playing and then be really, really pissed when I don't see him on the field.

Let's just cut all the BS and get straight to the goods...

Jarvis should be an animal this year. From all indications, he is nearly indefensible on the rush and covers like a safety. That second fact is a big deal, as we didn't ask Houston to do a whole lot of that last year until the last few games, where he got just a tiny bit of practice.

In terms of production, it's highly unlikely that JJ will have the type of season that Houston did last year. After sitting out for a year, I'm sure there will be some rust that needs to get knocked off. We also still aren't 100% sure what we'll get in terms of pass rush out of the other side, though it seems Corny is the most physically gifted OLB that we have on the roster. After all, he does run a 4.39.....

Depending on the NCAA ruling, we should know what Jarvis is all about after the first game. Boise's o-line is very good and has a ton of experience, so it's not like he'll be abusing an Idaho State Vandal tackle all game.


Next up: No. 28, Israel Troupe

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