Saturday, August 6, 2011

28 Days: Israel Troupe

Wow. What a way to demarcate 4 weeks until kickoff. It's a pretty special day for one kid on the team and it's kinda funny that his day just so happens to coincide with the days left before the season begins.

Today's spotlight is on Georgia wideout, Israel Troupe. Why is he having a special day on a Saturday in August?

Well, he's also getting a diploma today.

Izzy was excused from practice this morning for summer semester graduation. He'll be a Housing graduate and I'm sure that he'll make the best out of this season, as it will be his last in Athens. I'm sure his mama is glowing with pride about now - hopefully there'll be a TD or seven 4 weeks from now that she'll also be proud of.


Israel has accounted for 11 receptions and 157 yards in his 3 year career. After catching a glimpse of him at G-Day, he most definitely looks like the most physically put together of any of the receivers. At 6'1 and 222 he has the size of a pretty filled-out RB. That doesn't mean he could be a RB, however.

Izzy is a little buried on the depth chart currently. He's behind Marlon and "White Lightnin" at flanker at present, but the two of those guys are what I'd like to call wild cards at this point. There's just not a lot of certainty they'll be great. So what does that mean for Troupe?

He could get quite a lot of playing time or he could get 2 plays a game. At a position where there's so many players and 10x more questions, it's kinda hard to predict what will happen on the football field.

What I can tell you for sure is that IT is a DGD.


Next up: No. 27, Nick Marshall
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