Sunday, August 7, 2011

27 Days: Nick Marshal

Welcome to today's spot on the countdown to Bronco Bashing, 2011 Redux. My apologies in the tardy nature of our post today. Being that Tesla and I are soaking up some needed R&R on the sunny shores northern Florida, its a little bit of a challenge.

Add to that Dawgola has completely fallen down on his job and things are pretty much in my lap in terms of getting this to you in a timely manner.

Anyway, all that aside...

Today's countdownee, if you will, is one of the most hyped, under-the-radar guys on the team. Because the nonsense associated with that last statement, it is my general feeling that said player can't be under any radar at this point. Really, after 12-27 people start to have the same opinion of the player, he's probably "out in the open".

It should be more like this when that player is referred to, "CONTACT!!!!!!!!!!!! SIR WE'VE GOT SOMETHING ON OUR MONITOR, SIR!"

Well, that player is none other than dual-sport phenom and IFO(Identified Flying Object) alike, Nick Marshal.


Nick is an ATHALETE. He has size, speed, a cannon for an arm, and can turn people into salt pillars at his slightest displeasure. I was just joshing on that last one, but you get the point.

Richt has stated that all of the freshman DB's have excelled in the early going and look like they can contribute some minutes early on. At this point, per Mike Bobo, Marshal has been limited to the defensive side of the ball, so I would surmise that he's in that group of which Richt has spoken. That's great news, if you take into account our current situation in a defensive backfield that has a ton of question marks.

With all the ability Marshal has, will he stay there? I'm not sure, but with his skill set it certainly makes sense to give him some opportunities with the ball in his hands. Either way, my best guess is that we'll get to see just how good he is early on.


Next up: No. 26, Marc Deas & Malcolm Mitchell
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