Wednesday, August 10, 2011

24 Days: Ken Malcome

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Whew... We're starting the home stretch here at H2H in our 2011 UGA Roster Rundown Countdown Thingamabob for 2011. For those of you non-English speaking folks reading this, or maybe some of you English majors out there, that means we're getting real close to kickoff. In fact, we're 24 days until the Dawgs tee it off September 3rd.

Today's highlighted player could have been somewhat of a minor player on this year's squad 6 months ago, but because of some extenuating circumstances, he finds himself in the middle of an all-out war. The situation kinda reminds me of a familiar movie. Just think back to the 1990's...

Christina Applegate's mom goes on a business trip for the summer and hires an old woman for a babysitter. No worries, right? House full of kids and everyone's minding their own business, then WHAM! babysitter's dead and kids waste all the money they've been given to live on for the summer on some entertainment system that someone would pay you to remove on Craigslist this day in age.

There's only one viable solution, which was pretty out of the equation a week before, but they do it anyway. (This is where Ken comes in....) Anyway, the rest of the movie is pretty early 90's-ish, but you get the picture and if you don't check the video below.

Like I said above, 6 months ago, most Dawg fans wouldn't consider that Ken Malcome was going to have a huge impact on this season. With a strong contingent of incumbents in front of him and a highly-touted freshman, he wasn't getting a lot of respect.

Fast forward five months and he's pretty much the starter as Carlton Thomas' suspension for the opener is announced. The Dawg Nation is thoroughly confused and then Richie Samuel is moved. Needless to say, after all this shaking out it still looks like Boo is third on the depth chart with a little ground to make up.

Generally speaking, 3rd stringers don't get a ton of totes. I tend to think that Ken won't get supplanted by Mr. Fumbalot (C. Thomas) at any point this season. If Boo can hold on to the ball, he's pretty much a lock for carries in my book. Because of the two guys ahead of him and their questions, a lot of this depends on how they turn out. If they do well, he gets 3-6 carries a game - if not, 6-10.
Some of this also hinges on if Malcome's groin holds up, as he's been hampered by it some lately. He says that's completely cleared up, but I like to err on the side of caution with groin injuries.


Next up, No. 23, Jakar Hamilton

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