Thursday, August 11, 2011

23 Days: Jakar Hamilton

3 DB's and he was still rumblin... until Dent showed up.
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Good day folks. Sorry for the skinny posting over the last week or so. I've been working solo from enemy territory while trying to catch a little break from the hustle and bustle, so things have been touch and go since last Thursday.

Dawgola was also on break but didn't deem it necessary to help out so... the posting and comment responses have been light. We're still running at about 70% and some PGA Championship ducats are in my future, so this is a future apology until we're back up full tilt on Monday.

ANYWAY... This is a celebratory countdown post celebrating the passage of another day on the way to what will be the first glorious day of Georgia football for the 2011 season. It's only 23 short days until "The Throwdown in A-Town" and some much needed tailgating fun. It'll be in Atlanta, but I'll still make the best of concrete jungle-gating.

Today's spotlighted player is Jakar "Thudma..." I mean "Hitman" Hamilton. Sorry, I know these are usually positive, but Jakar killed me last year (and subsequently was almost killed by Marcus Lattimore along with his other buddy at the safety position). Seriously, I was expecting separated heads and dismembered bodies (I mean... Hitman... er... DUH?) and I got an episode of Barney and Friends where a terrorist invades the show a knives the big purple guy and kidnaps the children for ransom.

It was a pretty big letdown for me...

I think Mr. Hamilton has earned a few of his stripes back from his demotion last season. He's still not on the depth chart as a starter, but I'm not sure that's based on his play, but more about the job Shawn Williams has done in the offseason. Williams is also a little bigger, so he may also have that going for him as well.

Jakar seems to be a good guy. I think he came into Athens with a little more bark than bite, as big hitters tend to have a penchant for getting sucked in and being known more for the "wow" plays instead of actual coverage skills. I think you know how he reacted on more than a few play-action passes last season, which would back that up.

Right now, by my estimation, it's probably a starting lineup of Rambo and Williams at safety then some combo of Hamilton, Corey Moore, and Sanders Commings. The staff keeps mentioning moving Commings back to safety and I've heard that's a product of the new guys that have come in and have some ability to contribute early at corner and the question marks at safety outside of the starters.

I don't know, but I'm hoping that Jakar's light bulb comes on and he finds what he lost in the transition from JUCO to UGA. You really can't afford to miss on guys you bring in like him, so I hope he finds a way to get on the field and make some plays.


Next up: No. 22, Richie Samuel

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