Friday, August 12, 2011

22 Days: Richard Samuel

There is one thing you can't say about Richard Samuel: that he's selfish. After the barrage of running back attrition, Richt and Co. was left no choice. Despite sitting out a year to learn a new position (in his case, linebacker) Samuel did not even get to play a snap on D before he was turned right back into the offensive huddle. What do I say about this? I think this guy needs to be given some serious props. For a guy who the coaches thought needed to be moved twice, it can't be easy to maintain a great attitude. And so far, I have not heard a peep of dissention coming out of Samuel's mouth. He's a team player.

Besides, was Samuel's stint at running back really as bad as we remembered? Here are the stats from his sophomore season (2009) at running back:

So it wasn't great but it wasn't embarrassing either. Besides, we just need someone to supplement our unknowns (Crowell and Malcome) until they gain the necessary experience. 

And another good thing about Samuel playing running back is that we could get to see one of his patented giraffe-galloping touchdown runs a la Arky in '09:


  1. "Besides, we just need someone to supplement our unknowns (Crowell and Malcome) until they gain the necessary experience."

    I disagree with this. Samuel is very big and physical. He's not going to try and juke anyone on the edge, but he is a tough runner between the tackles. Why Bobo quit calling his number against Okie State in '09, when he was effective early, is still a head-scratcher.

    Samuel is strong enough to pick up any blitzes in pass protection as well. His role on this team will be more than just a prop until the Isaiah is up to speed. Samuel is an integral part of this offense from the first day. His presence will only make Isaiah better. Do not sleep on Richard Samuel.

  2. I expect Samuel to get 50% of reps all season long. He will be better for a bunch of stuff: bigger, stronger, 290 lb 6' 6'' fullback blocking for him, more mature, hungrier, and....he knows how linebackers and d-lines try and stop backs and blitz from his experience at LB--and Samuel REALLY knew the defense inside & out---was #2 to run the defense and get everybody lined up behind C Rob. I expect an 800 yard+ 10 TD season on 150 carries.