Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 Days: Brandon Harton AND Derek Owens

Harton left and Owens right.

We're a short jaunt to the finish line where Boise awaits us, only 20 days from today. I'm going to be extremely brief today, as it's Sunday and the last day of a well-deserved break from all things work related. My apologies to Derek and Brandon, as they are two guys that deserve a full-hewn piece devoted to them, but I just don't have it in me this afternoon. Maybe it's my own little version of writer's block - maybe it's just me being a sloth.

Brandon Harton is a guy every Bulldog should be proud of. He's worked his tail off to gain a scholarship and he's gotten some folks excited about what he brings to the table as far as playing ability. I don't know if that is well-founded excitement, as I can't say that I've seen enough of him to garner that just yet, but it's excitement nonetheless. That's something people haven't had about Georgia football in at least 8.5 months - especially at tailback, where there's been a lot of disappointment and anxiety.

The next number 20 is Derek Owens. I had heard some chatter early about his eligibility being in question, but I'm happy to say those rumors appeared to be false. After being ineligible for the bowl game last season, Owens manned up and got his academic house in order, which he should take a lot of pride in. That is also good news for a position group that is sorely in need of some quality depth because, behind the starters, there really is no proven players.

I expect these two guys to contribute in some way on the football field this year. Owens might be leaned on a little more than Harton, but it's safe to say that neither of these guys will be playing a starting role this season, barring injuries. With that said, I do expect them do be key contributors backing up starters and also on special teams, where Owens has saw himself gain some experience last year as well.


Next up: No. 19, Sanders Commings

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