Monday, August 15, 2011

19 Days: Sanders Commings

Sadly, I think this is the run where Trey Burton
scored and I punched a hole through the wall.

Good Monday morning to all of you out there in Dawggie Land. There are only TWO whole weekends before college football commences and a mere 19 days until the Dawgs tee it up in Hotlanta on September 3rd. I never imagined that nine-and-a-half weeks would pass so quickly after that first post on Kwame Geathers was put up, but it sure got here in a hurry.

Today's feature includes corner/safety hybrid and all around bada$$ Sanders Commings. At 6'2 and 220 pounds, Sanders has the size to play safety, but has the hips and speed to play at little corner when necessary. His combination of hip flipping ability and general head hunting prowess reminds me of another great man - but who, you'll have to work a little for that.

Let's play a little game. I'll give the clues and then you guess to what movie star that Sanders most closely resembles.

  • Could you imagine being the brother of C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe? Even if it's in a movie, both of those guys were cooler than your brother(s).
  • He once shared a surname with a fortified lair of medieval origin. Complete with mote and draw bridge. His girlfriend was Jennifer Grey to boot and he shook his a$$ ALLOT. Was also every girl's dream.
  • He was so popular and versatile that, once he conquered the movie industry AND dancing biz, he started showing off his vocal chops and made ladies melt from behind the mic.
  • Sexiest Man Alive in 1991 and he got to bump shoulders with Keanu Reeves that year. It was a pretty good year, needless to say.
  • Road House
  • This... (from above)

If Sanders is half as bad-A and versatile as Patrick Swayze, then we'll be alright. Swayze did get typecast  a little bit in the middle of his career, but he proved that he was flexible enough to pull himself out of that after Ghost in 1990. I don't think we'll have to worry about Sanders getting typecast though, and if we do it'll be as a ballhawking, skull-cracking, fire-breathing, pass defensing specialist.

For my money, Sanders is one of the best bang-for-your-buck players on the team. He was a three star recruit out of high school and only received offers from Auburn, South Carolina, Maryland, and Georgia as best as I can tell. That's good value in my opinion. 

I think Commings is poised to have a breakout season. The coaching staff has been back and forth on him at safety and corner playing the "matchup" card as the determining factor on where he'll be lined up at game time. This could be the one real risky part of my prediction. As I once heard a wise man say, "It's possible to do one thing 10x better than everyone else, but it's not possible to do 10 things any better than anyone else." 

I tend to think that Sanders is more than competent enough play the match ups. He's very big, has great instincts, and I think the staff has a lot of confidence in him. That makes me more than comfortable that he'll be back patrolling the secondary.


Next up: No. 18, Bacarri Fudge... oh... I mean Bacarri Rambo

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  1. While most folks might point to Yost or Schembecler or Carr, my favorite Wolverine remains Patrick Swayze. Although, to be fair, Powers Boothe was quite good, too. After all, he did help knock out that Soviet tank...