Tuesday, August 16, 2011

18 Days: Bacarri Rambo

Flying in for the tackle...
(Image courtesy of Kelly Lambert)

It's a Fudge-filled day today on the countdown today, as we celebrate a minuscule 18 days until kickoff. I'm a not a huge fan of varying styles and ruminations of chocolate (except on anything half-way resembling a pretzel or peanut), but being from an area near the Alpine oasis of Helen, GA has given me a certain affectation for fine German candy shops, package stores that also sell lederhosen, and throngs of pissed-off "biker" dudes with fat biker chicks in tow.

There's only one better place than that in the world, and I'm sure if I tell you it's a quaint 'Burg in the Smokies you'll quickly know to where I'm referring.

Despite my angst for all things Helen and mostly fudge related, I'm not referring to the player formerly known as Fudge, or as most of you now know him, Bacarri Rambo.

There are so many easy jokes here (most are references to the original John J.) that I could lay down, but I'm not going to stoop to that level. When you change your name to something like Rambo, it comes with a contract stating the following:

  • If there comes a point at which you think you should be wearing a shirt, think how sad people are who wear fabric on their torso. It's super-lame. Never even think of this. Especially in later sequels.
  • Bandana sweatbands are a must in all occasions, especially church.
  • Don't sweat machine gun fire, or Marcus Lattimore. Both are not going to hurt you, seriously. Well, maybe Marcus will, but you'll make it through mostly unscathed.
  • If Rambo doesn't present enough of a challenge for you, just change your name again to Balboa. You really can't go wrong with either of these cultural icons, even though one guy has nothing but his fists and the other has a knife and a endless barrage of assault weapons.
  • Ignore any talk of how the book ends up. Rambo cannot die.
  • Most of all, being a general BADASS in all situations is expected and required, even if you're instructing a yoga class, there's always some jerk that's trying to impinge your freedom.
  • Oh yeah, and if things get dicey, JUST BE CREATIVE (like below):

Bacarri has had his ups and downs while at the University of Georgia. Most notably on his "highs" list was this hit against Auburn to seal the win in 2009. He stuck his nose in their, got a massive concussion, but jarred the ball away from Barner RB Mario Fannin. In case you don't remember...

As we've already hashed out on the blog previously, the South Carolina game last year was not his best and he got a little chewin' during the game against ULL, but this is a positive look at the prospects of the starting FS.

Rambo has been touted by someone who would know as "one of the two best athletes on the team". At the safety position that can mean a lot of good things - most notably that he has the athleticism necessary to excel at one of the most athletically demanding spots on the field. Being able to run, cover, blitz, and read is of extreme importance and, best I can tell, Bacarri has all of this in spades.

All this said, I've been a little tepid on the lack of Rambo talk around spring and fall camp. There's a lot of talk about other guys, most notably freshman and Shawn Williams, but not as much as a peep out of Bacarri's corner. This has me a little worried, but I'm going to stay positive until that I see there's a real concern on the field. I really believe that Rambo has the skills to be a premier safety, but him getting sucked in on play-action at a high rate has me a little worried. I'm just going to believe that's a way of the past until I see otherwise.


Next up: No. 17, Rantavious Wooten

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  1. Rambo's play last year was atrocious. That may have a lot to do with lack of hype. IMO, Rambo doesn't have it in him to be a good safety. If he is just adequate this year, I'll be happy.