Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17 Days: Rantavious Wooten

I'm going to throw you an optimistic curveball right now: I think Wooten can actually turn into a productive player this season. By "productive" I mean things like catches passes to move the chains on third down, blocking downfield, and quite frankly, catching more than 7 passes like he did last year. By all accounts, Wooten will get his chance, but will also have to fight off newcomers Michael Bennett and Malcolm Mitchell for playing time.

There actually was very brief but also very interesting quote by Mark Richt on Chip Tower's AJC blog a few days ago:

"...Rantavious Wooten is ready to play and do things the Georgia way.”

This could imply that in the past, Wooten didn't necessarily do things the Georgia way all the time. I'm not trying to put words in CMR's mouth but it does sound a bit brow-raising to me.

Anyway, Wooten has never fully adjusted to playing receiver in my opinion, as he primarily played quarterback in high school (we all remember the "Wooten the ball carrier" video). At 5-10, I think he could find a nice roll playing out of the slot a la Damien Gary (not saying he will be THAT good, but they are similarly sized). He will certainly get a shot because we don't exactly have proven playmakers at the position right now.

And with that, I will end the article with a little unintentional comedy from Wooten's high school days:

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