Thursday, August 18, 2011

16 Days: Christian LeMay

If you ever wanted to know what Christian LeMay looked like without a helmet on, just attend any Georgia football game within the next three years. In addition to being an undersized (bulk-wise) true freshman, LeMay is currently sitting behind Aaron Murray AND Hutson Mason on the depth chart. And Murray has three more years (counting this one). But by all accounts, LeMay is a two-inch taller version of Chris Leak. 

Why? Well, mainly because he is an African-American pocket passer from North Carolina, as was Leak. But also because he was known for his "accuracy" coming out of Butler High School, which -- in my opinion -- is WAY more valuable than arm strength. And sitting behind guys like Murray and Mason should give him ample tutelage as he waits to one day be "the guy" (assuming we don't get some stud before then). 

What I haven't mentioned is LeMay's sketchy troubles his senior season at Butler High School. No official reason was never given as to why LeMay was suspended and decided to forgo the fall semester of his senior season (I'm still not exactly sure how he did this). All that was said was that his suspension did not involve "drugs, weapons, or any violent acts". Good enough for me. Hopefully has/will shake off the rust and revert to his 2009 high school days:

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  1. The most popular rumor going around about his suspension last year was that he got a blowski on school property, which understandably they'd want to keep from the press.

    I say more power to him and welcome to Athens, where even the fattest freshman can get laid.