Friday, August 19, 2011

15 Days: Marlon Brown

I've ranted in the past about small high school players' transition to the D-1 college game. These players often struggle making the transition to the next level. And believe you me -- I PRAY Marlon Brown is an All-SEC caliber player in 2011. Unfortunately, I just don't see it.

Our sources tell us that true freshman Malcolm Michell is already better than Marlon, and will effectively compete for the starting job. As I've said with Wooten, I think if Marlon finds his "role" in the offense, he can put up respectable numbers and provide the offense with some admirable production. At 6-5 220 pounds, Brown should be a force in the SEC. But what is most burdening Brown is his confidence; he has never really shown a "I am bigger and faster than anyone else" attitude that he must possess. Personally, I think most SEC coaches would drool over a player like Marlon.

I do like what he has told reporters about his role in the offense:

“A.J. is gone and Durham is gone, and I feel like it’s my time to step up and make some plays,” Brown said Monday night after practice. “It’s not really as much about the pressure being on me as it is knowing that they’re not here anymore and that I can’t depend on them to come back and make plays. I feel like I have waited my time and that I’m a lot more confident.”

We need Marlon to step up. If UGA is going to have a successful season, #15 will be a big part of it. He's got the we just need him to play the part.

Next up: # 14 Hutson Mason


  1. I do hope your prediction on players coming from small schools or the info I seen is wrong because I seen Carver rated as an A class high school. I don't believe we can wait around 3 years for Crowell to develop.

  2. Trust me, I'm a little worried about it. But by all accounts, Crowell is the real deal.

  3. oops. They were reclassified and are now AA.