Saturday, August 20, 2011

14 Days: Hutson Mason

Let it loose, Mr. Mason

It's two weeks until the state of Georgia sees once again the best spectacle on turf and between hedges, Georgia Bulldogs football. That means you only have one more weekend to get all those honey-do lists done before the rivers of bourbon, gobs of finger foods, and rubbing shoulders with your best of red clad chums chews up all that weekend time. I'll be gladly accepting that chewing up of my Saturday - matter of fact I'm gonna relish it.

Today's feature is on sophomore backup QB, Huston Mason of Lassiter High School fame. In fact, he's so famous there he had a statue put up to honor his legacy as such a prolific passer. If you haven't have a chance to see it, it looks a lot like him in bronze, but the right shoulder continuously rotates in a circular throwing motion all the time.

Seriously, if you've never seen Hutson's stats from high school take a quick glance below. After looking at them, I consider a "dead arm" a fictitious football injury.

Those were state records for total yards (4532), TDs (54), and passing yards in a single game (552). Yeah, that's pretty good, I mean, I could get by ok with that if I was a high school coach. In case you were wondering where Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen developed such acute pass-catching abilities, just ask Hutson, as they were teammates at Lassiter. He caught 72 passes for 1000 yards in his senior season. But enough about a lame-o Barner, let's get to someone who isn't on the take.

By all accounts, Hutson is a fine young QB who has all the tools to be successful in the SEC. He had some very good offers coming out of high school, but when Coach Richt called with the news that he'd be taking another kid at his position after Zach Mettenberger's dismissal.

As you might say, the rest was history and Hutson committed almost on the spot.

There's a little problem though for Hutson's immediate future starting at QB for the University of Georgia - and he stands about 6 feet tall and 215 pounds and hails from the state to our south. I'm fairly certain though, that Mason is good enough to hold his own on out there. He might not be a guy who could lead you to a championship right now, but he'd be a serviceable kid with the ability to throw it around the yard with the greatest of ease.

I'd liken him to Joe Cox with a tad more giddy-up on the howitzer and perhaps a little more of what I call "passer savvy,"  which should be pretty self-explanatory. As I said above, like Cox he'd be serviceable at this point, but he's not going to put the game on his shoulders. That's not a knock on Cox either, just saying. I do think Mason may see a few starts eventually, as he's still got some developing to do, but probably not this year, unless something necessitates it.


Next Up: No. 13, Drew Butler

***For those of you out there that are actually reading this... The face mask is multi-colored. I'll let you be surprised with the rest.***

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  1. Anyone would like this kid throwing on their team. Where do you get the more development meme? His first time behind center in a UGA game he threw a TD. Just because he's backup means he DOESN'T have to develop more. Of course, you can say that every player needs to develop more, starter or not.

    You had a great opportunity to bring those points out for this kid. I have complete confidence in him and LeMay, but most of all Mason has already been designated as backup by the person who knows his qualifications better than anyone, Mark Richt.

    Compared to his stats(thanks)your writeup is lukewarm.