Monday, August 22, 2011

12 Days: Tavarres King

With a big grab against the Hogs...

Welcome to Monday folks. I hope reading this today makes you a little giddy, as there's only one more of these Monday mornings before football season is officially under way. I know, I know, you almost jumped out of your seat in jubilation because of that last statement. I did while I was writing this, so do not let your heart be troubled.

Today's spotlight befalls junior wideout, Tavarres King, of Mt. Airy, GA fame. As a native Habershamian, there's a special place in my heart reserved for TK. He and Bo Hatchett single handedly gave me a reason to go back to the alma mater and root on the squad in a home playoff game, which hasn't happened much in the storied tradition of Habersham Central Football. That, and he's a good kid.

There are only about 300 hours until kickoff in the Dome (depending on if you caught this early), so I thought it might be a good time to, instead of talking all things 12, talk about what is important about the number 300. You know, it's always good to change things up a bit.

So here goes:

  • It's what I get when I bowl all the time.
  • My credit score... just kidding, but it is, in fact, the lowest credit score that Fair Isaac doles out to unlucky people.
  • The highest velocity, in feet per second, allowed by tournament paintballers around the world.
  • The Three Hundred, the name given to the Spartans who fought to the death at the Battle of Thermopylae. We know, we've all seen the movie.
  • Chrysler successfully saved itself from bankruptcy by reinventing the "300" back in 2005. Seriously, go to Atlanta and you'll see millions of them - literally.
  • Humans are born with 300 bones. After they fused together by adulthood, only 206 are left.
  • The Hill of Tara in Ireland is a monument where 300 postholes measuring two meters wide was discovered and 300 towering oak posts once surrounded the hill. It's believed to be the Celtic center of the island.
So now that you're well-aware of the significance of 300, let's talk about the 12 part of this article.

While TK may be a bit of a showboat, he's a good kid who's extremely likable. He's confident, but at the same time he's goofing around with it. After AJ's departure earlier this year, he took it upon himself to be one of the leaders on the offense without having much in the way of a veteran feel to his time in Athens. AJ led with his play on the field, but considering TK hasn't had the opportunity to shine in that area just yet, he's had to be more of a vocal leader.

While the "leader" aspect may make people feel better about the situation for now, what I really wanna boil it down to is production on the field. So what can we expect out of TK this year?

That's a really good question. His line last year was 27 for 504 and 3 TDs. If I'm a betting man, I'd say he jumps up to about 40 catches, 650 yards, and 5 TDs. I think that would be a very good number if Orson does what I expect and Marlon, Wooten, Izzy, and the freshman step up their game a bit. I'm throwing Orson in here because I expect him to be flexed out a lot more than last year, thus not really classifying him as a tight end.

If TK can get up to, or surpass that, I think the passing attack will be EXTREMELY hard to reckon with. His leadership of the young guys off the field will, hopefully, be encouraging to the team as well.


Next Up: No. 11 in your hearts, No. 1 in your QB rotation, Aaron Murray

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