Tuesday, August 23, 2011

11 Days: Aaron Murray

Getting ready to chunk it...

Ahhh, we've finally reached the boy who would be king... of Athens. It's only 11 short days to kickoff in Atlanta and the beginning of what may be the coming out party of Aaron Murray and Isaiah Crowell. It could also be the end of the coming out party and beginning of a less pleasant event that ends in bad outcomes for our coaching staff and future recruiting classes.

All that bad mumbo-jumbo aside, we're focusing in today on the star of the team, the heart of the offense, the hot-shot gunslinger and baby kisser alike, Aaron Murray.

I don't need any silly story today to undertow the featured player as his rundown should take no less than 1.5 hours, but I'm gonna try and dumb it down for you to a little more manageable 1700 words or less - and no this is not going to be in APA format, or any other format.

Ah, just kidding. If I wrote 1700 words, I'd be WAY, WAY overanalyzing this and getting into detail that wouldn't obviously behoove me predicting. Then I'd really look like a clown. So without delay...

There isn't really another QB in the country that I'd rather have than Aaron Murray - well, maybe Andrew Luck and possibly Matt Barkley (but probably not). Let's just let the highlight tape do the talking for itself...

Pretty impressive for a freshman, in my opinion. As far as stats go here's his line from last year (per cfbstats.com):

As far as top QBs in the country, it's really not even a competition when talking about lower classmen quarterbacks around the country, as pretty much every other statistical leader in the country last year was either a junior or senior. 

The bottom line is that Murray is a damn fine quarterback, period. Could he have a sophomore slump? Yes. Is that very likely? I tend to think not, but stranger things have happened. If he doesn't improve his yardage and TD numbers from last year I'll be extremely surprised because we'll likely be throwing around the rock more and relying a little less early on the ground game, until someone gets established.

So what's my prediction:

3150 passing, 31.2 Att/g, 7.76 y/att, 62.0%, 30 TD, 13 INT

I could go on and on and really mancrush on the kid, but is that really necessary? HE'S GOOD.

What do you think out there?


Next up: No. 10, Jordan Love AND Greg Bingham


  1. Yeah, Murray is impressive, against Lafayette, what a game. Granted, Murray's no Jefferson, who led his team to 5 4th quarter comebacks, or Mettenberger who went 11-1 as a starter, or even Reif who beat some winning teams. But as far as racking up yards and td's against bad teams (19 of 24 td's were against bad teams), Murray's very good. The again, those stats against bad teams don't translate to good seasons.

  2. Which QB would you go with, if you had to win a big game? I bet it wouldn't be Aaron Murray. Maybe Jefferson or Garcia or the Arkansas QB.