Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Days: Greg Bingham AND Jordan Love

We currently stand at TEN short days until the kickoff in the Dome. My excitement overflows and heart soars with such news on a glorious Humpday morn'. In fact, we also are a mere 8 days away from college football kickoff, which could be the most awaited day of the year in the southeastern United States. That's a definite for the state of Alabama, as the only real thing to do there is watch Bama/Auburn football and talk or listen to Paul Finebaum.

Anyway, there are two fine gentlemen headlining our post today in junior CB, Jordan Love and sophomore QB, Greg Bingham. In lieu of today being a landmark occasion and surpassing yet another one of the mental milestones before the season begins (I just made that up for the heck of it), I decided to be a different in how I'd relate this to today's players.

Love and Bingham were born in 1990 and 1991, respectively. In their honor (and their number's honor) I thought it would be appropriate to examine the Billboard Top-100 for their respective birth years and make a contest out of it. Whomever has the best song, gets the preview for the day. It's my own little way to be fair to Greg, as I'm sure he's a good kid but hasn't sniffed a preview appearance on a blog anywhere. He's a walk-on and they really don't get enough skreet cred these days. Mad props, bro.

Just FYI, I'll be rooting for your single Greg.


Jordan Love's single is...
Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi

Dude, you got some catching up to do Greg.

Greg Bingham's single is...
More Than Words - Extreme

Well, actually it's Baby, Baby by Amy Grant. Not quite Extreme territory.

Damn... Doesn't Justin Bieber sing this?

Because I have the right to ultimately decide who wins and loses, despite the rules, Bingham is going to get some love here, even though his single is quite possibly the worst song of 1991. That's probably not right, as you could throw pretty much anyone that had a hit in 1991 in the trash heap, save a few quality acts like Cathy Dennis, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Color Me Badd, and C+C Music Factory. Um, yeah...

Anyway, since Jordan Love's song cannot be denied, he's gonna get his fair share. He's had a very good camp (until his recent ailment) and has shown the coaches that he's capable of being put on an island in the secondary and holding his own. He's back to practice now and I fully expect him to be a very important part of the rotation at corner this season.

With all that size at corner, I expect a lot of bump and less of the run type of covering on the field.

As for Bingham, he currently resides at about #4 or 5 on the depth chart as of now. What does that mean for his season? Three things:

  • He'll get to tailgate with this buddies for at least a few of the games this year
  • He gets all the perks without being in the crosshairs of the local Five-O
  • "Yeah, I play QB at UGA" card is ready to flash to any unassuming chick on Spring Break or for that matter, in Athens
Other than that, Greg was a hell of a quarterback in high school. He's a good asset to our team and a DGD, even though it might be hard for him to see some playing time. Hey, the unheralded guys need some love too and dammit, I'll be the one to do it.


Next up: No. 9, Alec Ogletree

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