Wednesday, July 13, 2011

***You (YES, YOU!) Were Part of An Experiment Yesterday***

***We experieced some technical diffculites earlier which resulted in the loss of our original post and comments. We recovered the post itself, but comments were lost. Sorry to those of you who commented. And FYI, we APPRECIATE what ALL OF YOU have to say, no matter the opinion.***

I'd like to start with a comment from one of our MUCH APPRECIATED readers yesterday (note the underlined bold text at the end - not the congratulation part, but I had to add it anyway):

"Tesla-Yesterday your board lit up like your ancestor Nikola cranked up his alternative current. Maybe you were a little tough on a couple of running backs but your point was well-made: there is no objective evidence that we have an adequate SEC running game and there are athletes on the team who might could help. Problems exist with any of the potential moves because we are so thin at the positions from which these players would have to be moved. Also a runnning game is a combination of a skilled running back, a line that can execute, and overall play calling that shows creativity; all three requirements have defeciencies right now but we can still hope. Keep up the good work on the blog and you are to be congratulated on the commenters you have accumulated; they are passionate and knowledgeable Dawg fans and worth taking a little heat from."

I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, to the meat...

Dawgola really got some feathers ruffled on Monday and, despite a clarification yesterday, keeps taking heat. I'll say some of it was warranted. We've discussed his comments at length and, though I'm inclined to agree with his central point, I didn't really agree with the way he put it. It's in the bed now - water under the under the bridge or over the dam or wherever it goes.

He admitted his error and made amends. That's what grown ups do.

Just FYI, if you feel like posting some more comments about this subject matter do it elsewhere. Frankly, I'm tired of all the shenanigans, so I'll just delete what you wrote. Funny thing, that kind of brings me to the point of this post.

Something occurred to me while witnessing the veritable Wounded Knee-esque massacring that was the comments section of his blog posts over the past two days. It seems to happen whenever we write something negative, or a viewpoint from which people don't tend to agree, our site blows up and the comments thread overflows with the following (and not limited to):
  • You're not a Georgia fan, you obviously are a Florida fan. -- To which I'd reply, "Why would I care so much to spend endless hours of my time to do this most enjoyable task? I guess I should throw my Terry diploma in the trash."
  • Your an idiot. (No actual defense of said position) -- Notwithstanding the spelling, we also spend countless hours keeping up with the team, talking to sources (yes,we have those too), and generally using our common sense.
  • What a bunch of crap! I'm never reading this again. -- If you don't agree, that doesn't mean it's crap or unfounded. What happened to healthy discussion?
  • You're obviously just trying to get hits posting trash like this. MORON! You outta get your hind-end whipped - and I'd like to do it. -- Come on really? Beside, why would we be trying to get hits? To try and get you to click on ads that don't exist?
In all seriousness, we're here to help keep you informed, promote good discussion, provide some needed insight from a sometimes different point of view, and MOST OF ALL make sure you, the reader, have a chuckle once in a while.

That last part is why we wanted to start From Hedges to Hardwood. Well, that and we didn't have much else going on at the time.

Anyway, back to the purpose...

Considering Dawgola's article Monday, I thought there might be some value in a reader experiment. Here goes...

DT wrote a scathing article about some kids on the football team. The point that wasn't argued was that Carlton has been very underwhelming (for whatever reason you care to believe) and Ken Malcome is an EXTREME wildcard at this point that, 6 months ago, received no hubbub whatsoever, other than some very, very mild rumors he showed signs of being a capable back in, wait for it, of all things the bowl practices. I don't know about you, but I don't think those practices were quite tough enough, if you catch my drift.

To counter his point, I wrote an article yesterday (PLEASE READ. IT'S A MUST.) that was basically the polar opposite of the same one he wrote. Same player situations, opposite side of the ball, and opposite opinion (with the same core feeling about all four of the players mentioned in both articles). Point being, I wanted to see how obviously "Disney" I could get before I got whacked for it.

My picks for the article and why -

Bacarri Rambo:

Rambo certainly underachieved last year based on what we expected. If you sat anywhere near our bench last year, you'd know that Todd Grantham thought so too - Like Antoine Dodson says, "Hide ya kids, hide ya wife," around that kind of language.

This is also the very same case with Carlton Thomas. As one of our commenters so eloquently put it, "I keep hearing that we are not using CT in the proper way. What exactly is the proper way to use a guy with average speed, average quickness, fumbling problems and an inability to break tackles? Not to mention that he has the size of a female gymnast." I really hope he's a world beater this year, but would history indicate that is going to be the case? Has he yet lived up to your expectations as a recruit? Statisticians would say "that's out of the confidence interval".

Ok, so enough on Thomas. He probably hates us by now and you might too, but I PROMISE I'm just being as objective as possible here. (You don't believe me.)

Next Pick: Mike Thornton

Thornton was a semi-heralded recruit coming out of high school. There were a lot of guys ahead of him on the depth chart and he's subsequently been buried. I haven't heard much out of him other than he has a really quick first step, but just needs some work on the pad level. Typical freshman DT stuff. He's become one of the guys that's going to provide depth and POSSIBLY be a situational pass rusher, if anything this season.

So too is the story of Ken Malcome. Solid recruit out of high school - 4-star guy with some ability, but not considered to be an instant-impact guy. Heard a little about him, but not anything noteworthy. Was pretty much considered as a situational runner (3rd down back) that wouldn't get a ton of totes this season unless really, really necessary 6 months ago. Malcome had three other guys ahead of him and a 5-star impact guy on the way. People thought he had a little promise, but wouldn't be needed a ton and thus probably wouldn't get to showcase his talents that much.

SO in saying all this...

I pretty much fabricated the whole post. Did I really believe ALL of what I wrote? Maybe not. Here are some exerpts:

(On Rambo)
Junior free safety Bacarri Rambo will shove off the post-concussion petrifieds and really pick up his play this year. No more PWNage at the hands of Marcus Lattimore - all I can see is ball-hawking and bone crushing come September. What leads me to believe this? Well, he really showed signs two years ago (and when he wasn't in trail mode last year) that he could be a solid force at safety, so I really think he can tune it back up this season.

I don't care if he looked somewhat shaky last season at times, he sure won our hearts two years ago.

He was coached and recruited by great coaches who are really cerebral and understand the game. He has yet to play a snap, but I think Mike Thornton is really going to turn a few heads this season.

He might be more of a situational rusher than the two guys ahead of him, but that doesn't mean that he can't carry his own weight. I think a big part of this is that the two guys ahead of him are getting all the spotlight, but I think he has the chops to impress when he gets a chance.

You really haven't heard much of the guy to date, but he's going to get a few shots here and there to hold it down - and I think he more than will, even though I've never seen him play before.

Basically, there's no premise for predicting either of those outcomes. Did people shake their fist and get mad about it? Well, from the 2 comments and 300 visits to my article and the 42 comments and 1300 visits combined to Dawgola's two posts, the answer is pretty obvious. Did anyone get mad and call me an indiot when talking of lollipops, gumdrops, and Dawgs? Well one guy kinda made a little comment, but it wasn't that offensive.

Let me state again, some of what Dawgola did wasn't right Monday. I probably toed the ethics line a little too with this, but ITS A REALLY REALLY INTERESTING study on why in the heck people like to argue about anything more than they like to read positive things and just move on to the next thing. I can't figure it for the life of me.

We very rarely get any feedback at all from anything that's the status quo. Folks just read it, and I assume, make a happy tent and go about their business. But if we throw out something that is controversial, we get linked like crazy on message boards across the land. We don't do it purposely, it just happens to be our opinion. For the life of me I don't understand it, but I guess that's why Howard Stern is so daggum rich. I mean seriously, have you seen his newest contract? At any rate, it's one of the most interesting social dynamics that you'll see.

Finally, we VERY MUCH appreciate your patronage here at H2H. Like I said earlier, we want to promote HEALTHY conversation. I think this article should easily do that.


  1. Funny. I saw right through the experiment yesterday, and disagreed with both of your picks in my post. Picking Rambo over Boykins or Thornton over Jenkins? Good fun experiment.

    Don't take irrational bloggers seriously, especially the ones saying 'I am done with your blog'. They would be open to all views if rational. They are just trying to stop you from blogging about topics they don't like. Instead of countering your view reasonably, they just try to insult you.

  2. Well, there are those who do not want to hear an alternative point of view, and I related to those posters that your site is not such a site.

    I'd love us to be great, but I differ with those who say we can only post that we are great or were great or will be great. If we don't we are Georgia tek fans - that is what the guy said before he crashed your site. That is what he said to Dawgola Tesla.

    Like you say, where is the Depth ?

    Yes. That is fine. I mean it is what it is, isn't it ? We have been dropping like flies all Summer long - one and then another; and, well it is 10 off the team in the last year now.

    And, more yet to come, quite obviously.

    What we are left with is a depth chart issue on the OL.

    And, the RB.

    And, the FB.

    And, the WR.

    And, the Secondary.

    And, someone anyone who will tackle the opposing QB.

    It is quite extensive.

    I would like to point out that we have our softest schedule of all-time, this season.

    The SEC East is down. Way down.

    The SEC West has 3 of the top football programs in the nation in Alabama, Arkansas and LSU.

    We play none of them.

    If we do, it is The SEC Championship Game and we have no hope against their teams - who are not with all these holes we clearly have.

    Las Vegas is laying odds we lose to Florida, lose to South Carolina and lose to Boise State.

    Missy State and Auburn are the type games we manage to lose one of every year too.

    All I ask is that, please God forget all the Excuses, Kool-Aid, Apologies, etc. and can we please all be in agreement that we need to have this coaching staff assembled by Mark Richt and the players remaining to GATA ?

    I am so disappointed with the 3-9 vs the teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 10 all 10 years and another 10 Losses vs teams who did not even finish in the AP Poll Top 25 all 10 years to-boot.

    I don't want to hear what a nice guy our coach is. I want to beat the truly great teams and to not lose to the truly horrid teams.

    And, don't tell me how great we are going to be, or were.

    2007 we beat no one who finished in the AP Poll Top 10. And, we lost to 2 really lousy teams, in addition. LSU beat 2 teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 10 in 2007.

    2005 we did beat # 6 LSU for The SEC Championship, but this coaching staff told us how great Joe Tereshinski III would be for us and we ended up with 3 Losses.

    2002 we beat no one who finished in the AP Poll Top 10 and we lost to a team who finished not in the Top 25 of the Coaches' Poll - in fact, only # 14 Auburn ended in the Top 25 Coaches' Poll 2002 from all the other SEC teams.

    2003 was not a great year either; we certainly beat no team who finished in the AP Poll Top 10.

    So, what are we left with ?

    That this is all we are capable of over the last 40 years ? I think we can do much more than this. I would like to think we are not settling for what has been rather mediocre teams playing soft schedules and losing to 1 of those every year, too. And, losing to all the truly great teams in addition. Winning but 3 and all 3 of those years Lost 4 games, Lost 3 games, and Lost 4 games is not my idea of winning the big football games against teams who ended up in the AP Poll Top 10. All the other 9 Losses all 10 years vs these same teams leaves us 3-9.

    I frankly am more than a little tired of it.

    I want the coaches and the players and the fans to quit telling me how great we are or were and actually do something such as beat the great teams and not lose to the bad teams.

    Seems we should be unanimous on that.

    That we tell them it is unacceptable.

    And, dream that it might actually be something we all wanted to do.

    Instead of telling me we have already done it.

    We haven't. You know that.