Thursday, July 21, 2011

WE BROKE A STORY! Pro-Combat Unis for Boise

This is my second attempt at gloating for the day, but I think I've really earned this one.

Yesterday it came to be public knowledge that the Dawgs would be wearing Nike Pro-Combat uniforms in the Dome on September 3rd. If you care to look at From Hedges to Hardwood at a regular clip, you'd already know that. Because why? Well...


Bill King at the AJC found our little finding on John Jenkin's Facebook page somewhat notable a few months ago and we got a little link love and credit from him. People paying attention to our attempt at humor and Dawg news was extremely flattering... and also extremely surprising. Pardon my bragging, but, BRAG BRAG BRAG...

The players saw the jerseys for the first time last night and, needless to say, there's been a glowing reception.

Seriously, we don't attempt to be legit journalists because, we ain't getting paid for this son. We do, however, try to gain a little credibility and keep our "journalistic" integrity intact while KEEPING YOU ABREAST OF ALL OF THE DAWGLY HAPPENINGS IN ATHENS. We have sources too. I just said breast, by the way.

Anyway, in case you missed the article, HERE'S THE LINK and an excerpt below:

I'm not one who prefers drastic remixes of our uniform by Nike or any other , as the iconic Brandon Spikes so eloquently put it, "fake juice" associated with jacking up the team. I wasn't big on the first go round (though I was pretty excited at the ensuing game and end result), and sure as hell knew those awful aberrations in Jacksonville were going to lead to an ass thrashing.

Well there has been some recent chatter about suiting up in Nike Pro-Combat duds for the game in Atlanta against Boise. The best I can tell, John Jenkins leaked the info on his Facebook page, but didn't have the actual rumored pictures. Therumor is, that our agreement to play in the game had a stipulation that included Nike getting free run of the wardrobe if they'd do their best job at creating something like the early Halloween party pictured below.

I think the first picture may be the actual rumored photos, with the black version hopefully just being some "G'd" up clown suit with cleats. (Clickable for larger versions)

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  1. The Nike Combat uniforms for the Boise State - GA game were ALL clown suits!