Friday, July 1, 2011

INTERESTING: UGA Home Record VS. SEC's Last 5 Years

I discovered a pretty interesting post by Chris Low over at Duh-Na-Nuh Duh-Na-Nuh's (in Herm Edward's now immortal words) SEC Blog section last night. Take a look at the conference home records for the last five seasons:

Notice anything funny? Couple of points for me:

  • We've really only lost 6 home games over that span? I wouldn't be lying if I thought we were much worse than that. I guess the home drubbings are permanently burned into the RAM in my head. ***After doing some research here, I've come to find (per that UGA is actually 24-8 over the past five years at home. That would place us behind Auburn and Arkansas in win% at #6. IN SUMMATION, don't always believe what those talking heads at ESPN are feeding you... and as always, check the stats yourself.***
  • League teams averaged 35.5 home games over that period. Oddly enough, the Dawgs played in the league's fewest (32) home games.
  • We've played more away/neutral games than home games during that time. What?!? (Yes, I realize we play in the Cocktail Party every year. Does it look like that took a hit on Florida?)
If you take into account what I wrote in "Richt Report Part One: Record Review" and what I've found here, you tend to think that, had we scheduleD a few more home cupcakes, we'd probably be sitting with a few more than the 44 wins over the last five. Based purely on the averages of other SEC teams, we'd acutally be around 47 wins, which is about one less than I said we should have based on Richt's career averages.

I know everyone gets up in arms over scheduling patsies, but Greg McGarity has obviously seen these figures as well. If you do your best to schedule one marquee OOC game per year and take care of business, there's absolutely no point in another, despite what the fans think. Why the heck do you think LSU, Florida, Bama, and Auburn do it?

Because it really doesn't matter if you win. And if you're at home, you're more likely to.


  1. In the '09 season, we had two home losses: Kentucky and LSU.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I really don't see how you mess that up. Seems like you'd check your stats before you threw that out there. It can really change your perspective/opinion of the whole table.