Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Robinson Knows Who "Graced the Field Before Him"

Christian Robinson is a kid that seemingly gains a little more of my favor each day. He tweets great stuff (I would like to point out his linkage of our 45 Days post a few days ago) and gives me a great feeling about the hands that our defense is in. The only reason I can figure that he didn't attend media days this year is that Boykin has some seniority on him. He'll be the odds-on favorite to get that nod next year.

Anyway, Robinson was on point yesterday with a few tweets that caught my eye. Have a looksie for yourself:

It's good to see that a kid on a football team in America realizes that there's a lot of nostalgia and tradition that preceded their stay at their respective college. Often times it's all about playing time and getting to "THE LEAGUE", which is good and all until, well, you actually have to lean on your education and what skills you acquired in college other than how to catch and run or tackle.

Might I also point out that the realization of hard work over "natural ability" is also refreshing. I have never once heard an NFL Hall of Famer say he got there without a lot of hard work. PacMan Jones, you think he's saying that? Hmmm...

Can't find anything but good things to say about Christian. He's doing his folks proud. 

Oh yeah, and I guess he's seen the intro video with Larry voiceover as well:

I couldn't find the actual one that's played in the stadium and if someone would point me in that direction, I'd very much appreciate it.


  1. Didn't he just repeat the "heroes have graced the field" comment directly from the pre-game intro that show before each home game on the big video screen?


  3. that video gives me goosebumps

  4. The "heroes have graced the field" comment is not copywrighted. Nor did he claim to have originated the comment. GATA...oh wait that's not original either. You're the best Christian.