Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Marcus Thornton Works Hard 4 the... Umm... Team

There has been rampant speculation about where Marcus Thornton will find himself on the court this season, but it wasn't because Mark Fox has failed to point it out. Because of Marcus' "bumpy" transition to the three last year (and a giant step up in competition) people were a little less than impressed with his potential at the position. I'm sure that Thornton's status as the reigning Mr. Georgia Basketball didn't help at all in raising the expectations of him in his first year in Athens. Hope you're noting the sarcasm.

At any rate, after watching Marcus last year, I'm convinced we'll see a player with a TON more confidence than last year and a guy who can be counted on to be very good on both sides of the court. He's very big for the three, but can guard smaller guys and can also drop down and give help on the block.

He has some offensive game as well, but it didn't get showcased much because he was so tentative with the basketball last season. I tend to think some of that comes from the transition from high school to college, but a larger part of it comes from Fox's offensive strategy and his emphasis on making each possession a good one and ensuring that you have a quality, high-percentage look.

Anyway, enough with my analyst-speak (without being an analyst). Let's get to the Tweet O' the Day:

I've heard A LOT of good things about three of the four guys in the projected starting lineup with whom you'll be familiar this season. Thornton has been working extremely hard in the gym, as evidenced by the above tweet. Couple that with good chatter from Donte Williams' corner and a few glowing blurbs from Jay Bilas ($$$) on Gerald Robinson's performance at the Lebron James Skills Academy earlier this month, and you have more encouraging signs this team is headed further out of the cellar and into prominence. (Ware's pretty solid at this point, so I don't really need to hear good stuff about him.)

Others who stood out were Scoop Jardine of Syracuse, Thomas Robinson of Kansas and Gerald Robinson of Georgia. Thomas Robinson was among the hardest working and most productive in the camp and has the chance for a really big year for Bill Self. Gerald Robinson was solid in every way and is the type of player you simply want on your team.

Go get 'em, Marcus.

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