Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: John Jenkins Gets a New Nick Name

Nicknames are becoming the talk of the town these days in Athens. Ray Drew is namely the responsible party, with his combination of witty clerical reference and thesaurasized word for destruction (Pastor of Disaster, Patron Saint of Sack, etc.)

John Jenkins doesn't get much love in these sweepstakes though, as he weighs 350 and gets the "Big" before his full name nickname automatically. When there's a crappy old song that a ton of people know and you're "big" and any variant of "John", you may as well be resigned to the fact that you're gonna get called "Big John". Just ask Buck Belue what Jenkins' name is...

Well, it looks like JJ has a new name for which we can refer to him:

I'd like to use this opportunity to officially start the movement to reassign Jenkins with "Big Daddy Jenks" in the words of Bruce (Figgins, I assume). That's far cooler to say when he eats Kellen Moore on September 3rd.

(In my best Sean Connery voice) From Henceforth and Now on I dub Thee, "Big Daddy Jenks". 


  1. I prefer "Motel 6" because he'll put people to sleep (when he hits them) and it's his number.

  2. That was brilliant.

    I'll have to crack that one out at some point.

  3. Deep 6er would work as well.