Monday, July 25, 2011

Tweet o' the Day: Jay Rome Taught Chuck Norris How to Kick

Today's Tweet O' the Day comes from none other than the Dawg's freshman weapon at tight end, James Rome. He, like me, believes that Chuck Norris jokes never grow old, no matter how 2007 they are. A good Chuck Norris joke is like finding a $20 in your jacket pocket that you wore last winter. The money's old, but it still spends like twenty bucks AND it was there all the time, you just lost it for a little while.

So, without further delay:

If you think these get old, just turn on USA and watch an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. It will remind you just how crappy that show was, yet somehow people watched it for 8 years and 9 full seasons. Not to mention the fact that it spawned a made for TV movie called Trial by Fire, which ended with no plot resolution... at all.

Oh, and Freddie Kruger has nightmares of Chuck Norris.


  1. Herschel could kick Chuck Norris's butt! With one hand tied behind his back.

    So there!

  2. Chucky took his dumbassery further by campaigning for conservative GOPers.

    And it ain't sales puffery about Hershel kickin' his Texas asshole.

  3. When Chuck Norris plays with fire, fire gets burned.