Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Youtube Sensation, Ewan Dobson

Thursday Thrash is a weekly segment in which we incorporate some of the greatest songs of all time (mostly metal, but not always) into a topically relevant post revolving around current issues at the University of Georgia. As a note, artistic liberties will be frequently used in this relation. Basically, the only premise/rule is that I can't put on some crappy Shania Twain song or some no-talent lightning catcher with autotune (see KESHA).

I decided to go a little different route in this week's edition of TT. Rather than the usual 80's metal standard music videos, I thought a Canadian guy playing a difficult instrumental on an acoustic guitar in a weird tuning would be a nice change of pace. I'm not sure if this guy is in a band or what...but he can play guitar (note the Raiden hat Mortal Kombat lovers)...

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