Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Janzen Jackson Officially Not "Down In a Hole"

Thursday Thrash is a weekly segment in which we incorporate some of the greatest songs of all time (mostly metal, but not always) into a topically relevant post revolving around current issues at the University of Georgia. As a note, artistic liberties will be frequently used in this relation. Basically, the only premise/rule is that I can't put on some crappy Shania Twain song or some no-talent lightning catcher with autotune (see KESHA).

Today's Thrash should neither disappoint nor surprise those who pay attention to good music or crappy orange-ish team colors. Let's be frank, those Hillbillies in Knoxville sure know how to make a good football player out of a felon. Just ask Nu'Keese Richardson, Mike Edwards, and today's subject, Vol safety and full-time hookey player, Janzen Jackson.

If you're not familiar with the dotted past of Jackson, take a look HERE at the laundry list he's piled up while in Knoxville. Most notably was his participation in an armed roberry incident at a Knoxville gas station with the aforementioned group of former Vols. After mysteriously "not knowing" about the armed robbery despite attending it, Jackson's charges were dropped and he was reinstated to the team in 2010, while the other two were dismissed.

I know, you're shocked.

He then left the team after missing the bowl practices for "personal reasons". Conspicuously those reasons have never been divulged, all the while Jackson has stayed in Knoxville after withdrawing from school in February. I'm not saying that the kid doesn't have some legit problems, but isn't this all a little too convenient?

It's actually just convenient enough that he didn't have to attend classes for 6 months and is now ready to fully rejoin the team. Wow, wasn't it a surprise that somehow they got their best defensive player back just in time for fall camp?

I have no idea how Jackson is eligible to compete this fall, as there's no way that he's made sufficient progress toward his degree to enable him to be eligible. I'm not completely sure how that works, but wouldn't it make sense for every player that was having academic trouble to just withdraw for a semester if there weren't some sort of rule? I tend to think so, but that could be his precise reasoning.

At any rate, none of this is really surprising at all. As soon as I heard he was "indefinitely leaving" I knew that he'd miraculously return before fall camp. Really found his way outta that quagmire promptly, didn't he?

And thus I've reached today's musical number. I present to you Alice in Chains'

Down in a Hole: What Janzen Jackson surprisingly isn't any longer.

Happy Thrashing!

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