Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas A&M to the SEC?

Last summer, during the chaotic "we want to play other people contest" that was conference realignment, one possible move that caught SEC fans' interest was the notion of Texas A&M to the SEC. Because the Big 10 and Pac 10 (I still can't write " just doesn't sound right) were threatening to go all "Big East basketball", Mike Slive decided he should entertain the idea of expanding  the SEC as well. Nothing major happened at the time, but now, in July of 2011, the A&M to the SEC rumors are starting to circulate again. I should point out that the linked article is from Texas A&M's Scout site (which should be reliable) and the writer, David Sandhop, uses a lot of "sources".

Anyway, in a nutshell, the A&M people are not happy about two main things:

  1. The fact that there are only 10 teams in the Big 12 now
  2. The fact that Texas has their own ESPN sponsored program (Longhorn Network) and is pretty much running the conference now. 
Obviously the SEC would have not interest in having 13 teams because one of the divisions would be lopsided. Allegedly, the other team that was mentioned to be interesting in moving was Clemson. Actually, the article states that Clemson was all on board last year and was simply waiting on A&M to pull the trigger. If both teams joined, this would make an even 14 teams, and I assume each of them would simply join one of the current divisions (A&M in the West, Clemson in the East). The article mentioned that for A&M to compete properly in the SEC, they would have to undergo serious renovations in Kyle Field House, etc. It also said -- and I'm not sure I believe this -- that they were also reluctant to join last year because of the recruiting scandal at Auburn and the "shady recruiting tactics" the SEC uses (not a direct quote but you get the point). 

From A&M's standpoint (and Clemson's for that matter) I see no reason not to join; you should get better recruits and probably more money because of A) better bowl games and B) better TV deal. Personally, I am indifferent on the matter. If they come great. If not, who cares. It would be nice to play Clemson every year again though. 


  1. East Texas has great TV markets that Texas A & M would bring into the SEC. Texas A & M has a great state-wide following in Texas as well. Bringing Texas A & M into the SEC is a no-brainer for all concerned.

    Clemson, on the other hand, does nothing for the SEC. No new TV market.

    Va Tech and NC State, on the other hand, would contribute to the SEC's TV market penetration. Va Tech would be attractive in the No. 9 DC TV market, while NC State would bring in several Top-50 North Carolina TV markets.

    Texas A & M, the sooner the better!

    Either Va Tech or NC State, Yes!

    Clemson or FSU, not so much.

  2. If I were King of the SEC, I'd bring in Texas A & M, Oklahoma State, Va Tech, and NC State.

    Then divide the SEC into four districts of four teams each. Two districts would be the West Division, two districts would be the East Division.

    The two West district champs would play off in Dallas. The two East district champs would play off in Charlotte.

    The two division champs would play off in Atlanta as usual.

  3. That sounds pretty wild Ohio, you would have to condense the season back to 11 games though.