Monday, July 11, 2011

So Which Player is Getting Moved to Running Back?

There exists a few unfortunate facts about UGA's 2011 football team as it pertains to runnings backs:
  1. Carlton Thomas sucks -- this is not debatable. He's undersized, not that fast, can't break tackles, and -- based on what I've seen -- has horrible vision.
  2. Carlton Thomas is our leading returning rusher...all 272 yards of him. 
  3. I'm pretty sure Ken Malcome sucks too, because I have heard NOTHING out of him since he has arrived on UGA's campus. Remember when Knowshon redshirted? All you heard was how great he was in practice. I'm definitely not hearing this about Boo. 
There is only so much you can put on Isaiah Crowell's shoulders. I mean,'s not a guarantee that he will be great either. And it's simply not fair to expect him to get 30 carries a game each week as a freshman. This fact -- coupled with the fact that our other two RBs stink (okay, I'm still holding out a wee bit of optimism for Malcome) -- leads me to believe someone is moving positions. 

Here are my candidates:
  1. Branden Smith -- He will certainly get carries out of the backfield and I wouldn't be surprised to see to coaching staff move him permanently. The only problem is that he's undersized, and a good collision from two linebackers could result in him literally getting split into two parts -- a la the horrible player from Not Another Teen Movie
  2. Richard Samuel -- Another one of our patented 5-star running back busts. At least he's played the position before but...he is up to about 250 pounds now so I'm not sure this is a realistic option.
  3. Rantavious Wooten -- He played RB in high school and hey...can he be any worse than he is at receiver?
  4. Brandon Boykin -- I would really like to see him get carries out of the backfield. Think about it -- he returns kickoffs which is a similar skill set to a running back, plus, when he runs he reminds me of Robert Edwards -- another corner we moved to running back. I'm not sure it would really be fair to him though because it is his senior season and he will most likely get a shot at the next level playing corner. 
You may not hear anything until we get closer to fall practice but one thing is for sure -- I would be pretty surprised if nobody makes a move to the backfield between now and our season opener. God knows I just can't take Carlton Thomas get blown over two yards behind the line of scrimmage. 


  1. I think you're a bit harsh on Thomas. I understand the sentiment to a degree, but 90% of his opportunities occur when there is 99% chance of failure; most notably running him into the middle of the line. He could be effective if used correctly and to date, Bobo hasn't quite figured that part out.

  2. First of all I want to state that I do believe the program has under achieved in the last four years of Richt's tenure. I also believe that we will be better suited finding a younger, more aggressive disciplinarian. However, I have grown tired of your negativity. There is a difference between being analytical and just plain old bitching and whining. You obviously have not discover that. Nothing you say is insightful, very much like the rest of the garbage that attempts to be passed off as news. Therefore I say goodbye to your blog. No don't this will not effect you one bit. Hopefully you will realize that you sound like a Tech fan and improve your writing.

  3. Agree with the second poster. Do you think all player's are ready to contribute the moment they step on campus? If you weren't aware, your body is still maturing as you go through college, and your understanding of the offense and knowledge of your position also progress.

    A real fan would not bash Georgia players the way you do...I sometimes think you really aren't a dawg fan at all. Just an opposing team's fan trying to start drama around UGA's program.

    Do any of your readers ever visit your blog more than one time?

  4. This was my first visit and my last. I've got a sneaking suspicion the author of this blog is a high school student. Negative, ignorant and belligerent is no way to go through life young lady.

  5. Actually Malcome was raved about during the last month or so of practices at the end of the year by the coaches. He's not an elusive back. He's a downhill runner. He has good not great vision and he brings the hits to the linebackers instead of them to him. That's the exact reason he was recruited.

  6. The funniest thing about this post are the comments. If these commentors don't or haven't said in their head, "Goodness gracious, Carlton Thomas is terrible," at least one time in the last two years, their obviously lying to themselves.

    What's more funny is the all-to-common "You're a Florida fan if I don't like what you have to say" or it's too negative for my taste.

    Seriously, it is negative, but the truth hurts. I really don't know what planet these people are from that think he's a viable option.

  7. *They're* Yeah, sorry for the typo.

  8. I have said for 2 years, I'd give anything to see Boykin on a toss sweep. His balance and vision is better than any back on the roster, now, and the previous two that are no longer on the team. Branden Smith could be a legit weapon on offense. He's been very average on defense. Anyone defending Carlton Thomas also has no vision. I'm still waiting on Boo, although you're right, there has been little talk about him since his arrival.

  9. Anon 9:07,

    I know I'm harsh on Thomas, but even if he were good - which he's not - there is no way he can be a feature back with his size.

    Anon 10:02,

    "You obviously have not discover that. Nothing you say is insightful, very much like the rest of the garbage that attempts to be passed off as news. Therefore I say goodbye to your blog. No don't this will not effect you one bit."

    I need a translator please. But seriously, what do you want me to write? "Carlton Thomas is the most awesome back EVER!!!"?

    Anon 10:11,

    I don't understand why you are arguing with me? It seems like we are in agreement about Crowell. I said that it is not reasonable to force him into getting the bulk of the carries. And yes, believe it or not, we have repeat readers.

    Anon 10:21,

    If you want all positive information then go to We look at it from both sides. And no, I am not a high schooler.


    I sure hope you're right.

  10. I think Malcome will be fine as long as he's healthy. He actually may surprise some people. As far as the other suggestion. Wooten is a wr. He doesn't have the body type to carry the ball in a pro- style set. He would be Thomas 2.0.
    Boykin is your lone PROVEN db. You can't take that away from the defense at all! Maybe a reverse or something but nothing else and Samuel has redshirted last year to learn the lb position and he adds very valuable depth so that's not happening.
    So unless something happens to crowell or boo you are stuck with them and the walk on that showed out all spring. I don't like thomas running in our offense any more than the next dawg fan but we may have bite the bullet on that and hope bobo finds more creative ways to get him in space. Friend may have a huge part in that as well with his different blocking approach.

  11. chad 11:24,

    Good thoughts. I'm glad to see someone actually got the point of the article. We have some depth/experience issues at RB right now.

  12. Oh I agree with the principal of the arti le just not the way it was put out. You will gather all kinds of negative nancies when you start off with this player sucks and this player sucks. I mean im not trying by any means to tell you how to write your blog. Its YOUR blog. I was just saying maybe there were other ways to say what you wanted to get across without leading in with this player sucks. Just my thoughts.

  13. Three points: Carlton is not a good SEC back and any objective observer can see that. Tesla's opinion, while harsh does carry a certain amount of validity. Two: It's way too early to make any judgements on Ken Malcome. We should temper our criticism of him until we have more than rumors of coaches praise or the the lack thereof. Third: Why do readers who's opinions differ from that of the writers continually try to belittle them and accuse them of being a "plant"? If you disagree state your opinion and move on.
    Oh and by the way no one will be moving to running back.

  14. Your Doomsday pronouncements suck. What do you accomplish that we don't already know and in most instances disagree with you? Nada.

    I have ignored your comments before, but like some others on here had to reply to your negative nonsense. You don't add anything to our knowledge or Dawg Spirit. Why should anyone read your crud anymore?

    There! I didn't accuse you of writing for our rivals, but if the shoe fits....

  15. I wonder if it makes sense to experiment with Nick Marshall at RB. He's very athletic and truly dynamic with the ball in his hands, and he wouldn't be making a move within the system (since he's just now being introduced into the system). My only concerns are a) he's also a freshman, so can he make an impact (similar to Crowell this year) and b) his durability, as I don't know if he can take the hits that a RB takes in the SEC (remember that he played QB in high school, and QB's typically try to avoid taking hits. I know he played some DB in high school too, but that wasn't against SEC caliber athletes).

  16. Count me in on this you are not a plant you are just FOS. If the coaches move RS back to RB they should be fired. We have screwed up way to many of our guys in the last 5 years by playing musical positions.

  17. I have a couple of additional thoughts about today:

    1. Not one person has disagreed with me about C. Thomas. I was criticizing his playing ability, NOT his personality/character (and this was NOT the main point of my article).

    2. In the summer months, most "news" is going to be negative, and this year is no exception. Luckily, we haven't had much trouble with the law unlike last summer.

    3. Forgive me if I'm negative about our RB situation. Last time I checked we lost our top two rushers from last season prematurely.

    4. People like responding/reading negative posts more than they do positive ones (not that they are happy about it). It's a weird dynamic that I've learned from this writing on this blog.

    5. I don't care if you disagree with my opinion. I encourage all comments good and bad.

  18. I do read you blog as I do many others and as a former player and coach I try to dig a little analysis out of them. No, I don't agree with your opinion of Thomas..he was recruited and is coached by men who understand the game. I do believe you're completely off on Malcombe..with experience he will be a good back..I recall several big men out of Georgia who made damn good pro backs without a great deal of college hype. How these back..along with the Dawg team..respond will depend on how the coaches use them, how play selection is made and varied, and how the other ten players contribute to each play. I do note you're not on any staff or paid analysist position so continue to make your suppositions for our perusal or not. GATA

  19. What about the hypenated kid - Justin Scott-Wesly or Wesly - Scott? He is about 6'1" and 230, fastest guy in the state. Maybe too big for WR.

  20. Old Dawg,

    Very good's not like I work for the University or a major news organization. As for Malcome, "probably sucks" was - in hindsight - a pretty harsh term. Unfortunately however, with our recent issues at RB, I'm in a "have to see it to believe it" frame of mind right now. Thanks for the comment.

    Anon 4:01,

    I don't feel like I'm qualified to put forth an opinion on incoming freshman who "might be able to play running back" (except for Crowell of course). I do like hyphen guys though...the seamstress is going to have a great time sewing his name on.

  21. This isn't our normal content (or tone), but it gets moves toward a larger point. While some of the wording was ill-advised, the situation the Dawgs are dealing with is tenuous. Not necessarily in numbers, but in experience and aptitude in holding onto the daggum ball.

    Dawgola didn't choose the right words to elucidate his point. It's pretty clear from the initial reaction, but his point has also been mistaken. If you read our blog with any regularity, you'd understand that.

    Despite all of this, it's still very apparent that we're all really concerned about the quality of what we've been left with. But then again, did we really feel that good after last year in the first place?

    FYI, I don't really feel it was warranted to come to the conclusion that Malcome also isn't very good, but neither did DT if you read the full article. That being said, it's never a good idea to say a kid sucks, despite what you think in your head.

    As you can see, when it starts out the post, it's bound to be the thing that sticks in the readers mind.

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  23. Anon 8:11,

    You sound pretty emotional yourself.

  24. Anonymous 10:02 a.m.

    (1) Look guy, this blog is not written by a Georgia tek fan, as you state for your reason to never come back and read anything written here.

    (2) You agree we have under-achieved the last Four (4) Years ? 2006 is Five (5) Years ago. I presume you are satisfied with 2006 - Losing Four (4) Games as we did. Kentucky did not end up in the AP Poll Top 25 for 2006, but we Lost to Kentucky 2006, five years ago - with you stating you agree we have under-performed the last 4 years. Loss to 5-Loss Kentucky 2006, but according to you, you agree with this blog that we have under-achieved for the last 4 years. Incredible. 4-Loss Tennessee vols 2006, again five (5) years ago, beat us 2006 and ended up number 25 in the AP Poll - so, obviously the vols are not ranked whatsoever for 2006 season had they not beat UGA. vols 2006 beat the crud out of us 51-33 in 2006, but according to you, we have under-performed the last four seasons. Amazing. This is a game at our house 2006 Losing to the vols by such a blow-out score and you suggest that you know so much more about UGA football and are so much more of a real Bulldogs fan than the author of this blog, stating in the same post that we have under-performed for the last 4 years. Vanderbilt 2006 won all of 4 games and this includes beating us at our house, and yet you think your stuff does not stink and this blog's author's does while you say in reply that we have under-performed the last 4 years. Good Lord, Anonymous 10:02 a.m. you are not a better Bulldogs' fan that the author of this blog. You are a worse Bulldogs football fan than he and you are the reason why we have under-performed over the last five (5) years with in Excess of 4-Losses per season over these last 5 years with your Excuses and Lies and Misrepresentations that you are somehow satisfied and he not with that which has been going on around here the last entire five years. We all need to attempt to not hype and not drink the Kool-Aid telling the players and coaches that what they did in 2006 too, is especially egregious and especially under-performing and that instead they and you must GATA.

    Quit with your Excuses and Lies about this under-performing football program over the last entire 5 years with 21 Losses, more than 4 a season over the last 5 years and # 23 in Won/Loss Record for the # 11 all-time football program in 1-A wins.

    Get Lost.

  25. Anon 11:20,

    If we ever did a "Commenter All-Star Tournament", this rant by you would get a first-round bye.

  26. # 73 Rushing Offense 2010 UGA

    # 47 Rushing Offense 2009 UGA

    # 56 Rushing Offense 2008 UGA

    This is not a negative-Nancy post. These are the undisputed facts that we give Mark Richt great credit for his average # 7 recruiting class averaging all 11 of his recruit signing classes from 2001 through 2011, averaging both Rivals and for all his classes. And, this includes his # 6 rank for this 2011 Dream Team, according to

    We are a pass-happy offense under Mark Richt and Mike Bobo, and remain so every year. We have Knowshon Moreno chosen # 12 in the world in the NFL draft after the 2008 season, in which we saw him only 2 years here, and we are # 56 in the nation in rushing.

    And, yet Dawgola Tesla is somehow a negative-Nancy poster who is really a plant Georgia tek fan.

    Posters who flock to the defense of a totally non-existent running game at The University of Ground Attack, need to question if their own loyalties are not more in line with Mark Richt and his sorry coaching staffs assembled to-date, than with this football program # 11 all-time in 1-A wins yet # 23 in won/lost over these last 5 years.

    I, like the vast majority of the posters to this blog today, believe that Dawgola Tesla has spoken the truth that we don’t have a proven running back recruited by Mark Richt. I am not satisfied with our running game whatsoever.

    I would love to see Ken Malcome do well here at UGA; but with leaders chosen by Mark Richt and defended by Mark Richt such as Caleb King telling Ken Malcome when he arrived on campus this time last year that being a running back at UGA is according to Caleb King “just a grind” and not fun, Ken Malcome has his work cut out for him to shine on this ill-performing rushing offense under Mike Bobo and Mark Richt. Ken Malcome out of Southwest DeKalb came here injured goods; like too many of those recruited here who then never did a bloody thing here. There is no fullback on this football team, after 6 consecutive recruiting classes with no fullback recruited – yet there are literally hundreds of top fullbacks, many of whom are in this state of Georgia – and so, now, finally for 2012 we have recruited a fullback. In the meantime, we rely upon 5 starters on the OL when there should be 2 behind each as proven back-ups, and upon other players jerked around and moved around from position to position to fill the fullback position too.

    We’re not a very good offense. We have not been a very good offense since Mark Richt got here, with his average # 52 Total Offense all 10 years to-date.

    # 56 last season Total Offense.

    # 72 last season at making 1st Downs Offense

    # 55 last season at Converting 3rd Downs Offense

    And, it is not 1 bad year on offense, but all 10.

    Dontavius Jackson would have been a Junior this season and he was quite good running back. Quit the team. Transferred out. We never let him play and gave preferential treatment to those at the running back position who did far worse than being duped into driving another’s vehicle while yet another listed here on this blog today purchased the alcohol with yet another’s DL. Dontavius got the shaft by this staff. I had high hopes for Dontavius and remain today vocal about that incident that he was duped into driving another’s vehicle for the purpose of driving around in his vehicle for the sole purpose of getting drunk with alcohol purchased by another using someone else’s DL. You don’t like to hear this stuff ? Then, bury your heads in the sand.

    Carlton Thomas at 5’ 7” and 176 lbs generously is not, has not been, and will not be, a proven SEC running back. We have used him extremely poorly and have insisted he show the fan base that he is. This is laughable that our coaching staff would attempt to prove this to us that he is, running him up the middle. They are unquestionably morons with these uses of him. And, he is our leading returning running back. Get over it.

  27. I have not even got started Dawgola Tesla.

    Washaun Ealey too would have been a Junior this season, too, and he was quite good running back as well. Again, this staff gave preferential treatment to others who were far less productive and far more troublesome off the field as well and for a longer period of time. We didn’t use Washaun Ealey well, ripping the redshirt off him in the 3rd Quarter of the 5th game, the season already shot; and we didn’t teach him anything more about how to hold the football than we have taught Carlton Thomas.

    Caleb Darnell King would have been a Senior this season, but he FLUNKED OUT. This staff gave him preferential treatment from the get-go. Undeserved preferential treatment. A loser. A guy who never did have a good game against any reasonable run defense. A guy whose off field troubles never do list the one I hold against him most when he told the gal he was dating that he would not pay her back the $500 she earned driving a bus for UGA and that if she blew the whistle about it, that he would post nude pics and video of her on the Internet. Now, that and all the other excuses about his uncle should have gone to Court when he was subpoenaed to be there and all his other arrests and game he rushed 1 time all game or didn’t bother to even want to get in the game, feigning injury, are all behind us. And, all we are left with is that the coaching staff preferred him and gave him special treatment up to and including the present and future; and, yet he is a total abject bust and a nobody as a person.

    2009, when we ended up # 47 in the nation in rushing offense, I said before the season started that Brandon Boykin now a Senior should have been TRIED at running back 2009. That I said that Caleb King was unreliable and as a person, and someone in Caleb King I detest everything he stands for. Instead, we wait until the 3rd Quarter of the 5th game and rip the redshirt off Washaun Ealey. Want to know why we ended up even # 47 in rushing offense 2009 ? Washaun Ealey. For all he did, this coaching staff made Caleb King the Starter at Tailback for 2010. Give me a break about this coaching staff doing a good job with running backs around here.

    So, here we are and this is in fact what we have. Yet Dawgola Tesla is incorrect to say that the way he has been used around here, Carlton Thomas, is a bust; and that in the opinion of Dawgola Tesla, over the last several years he too feels, as I, that Brandon Boykin long ago should have been TRIED at running back. His future in the NFL is as a running back. He is a natural running back. He is a load. He is our most proven running back on the entire roster.

    Not that anyone around here determined to defend Mark Richt and his coaching staff, is going to admit that to you.

    So, we have Dawgola Tesla to repeat my mantra since December of 2008 that Brandon Boykin had to be tried at running back. What Brandon Boykin did with the football in his hands all of 2008 was quite clear to me.

    Dawgola Tesla is wrong for saying that, so say those – whom I note to all who would consider that all of their posts still remain on this blog for all to see.

  28. Dawgola Tesla is not preventing dissenting opinions to that which Dawgola Tesla states that Brandon Boykin should have been long ago tried at running back. Dawgola Tesla. This July 2011, and Dawgola Tesla states that he has been saying this since 2009, two years ago Dawgola Tesla states.

    Guess what ?

    Dawgola Tesla is absolutely right.

    You come back to this blog a few years from now, as I frequently do; and you read what Dawgola Tesla said and what you said, and you tell me then if you are right or Dawgola Tesla ?
    Further, I submit that those calling Dawgola Tesla negative-Nancy and fan of Georgia tek on this blog today, are in fact the problem we have around here; and not part of the solution.

    If you can find a way to HYPE and drink the Kool-Aid of our running game led by running backs coach who was our wide receiver (His Daddy was 1 of our best RB ever.), then you are causing our football program to spiral further downward and you are the reason why these coaches remain and their decisions continue (including Mike Bobo) while we continue to not properly use the players on the roster who could run the football.

    We’re in trouble, and you don’t see it. Good Luck reading back what you wrote today in response to Dawgola Tesla and thinking you have said the right statements about our running game around here and that Dawgola Tesla is just a fan of Georgia tek and a negative-Nancy. We have a soft schedule of 10 cupcakes this season; we are chosen by Las Vegas to lose to South Carolina (making Mark Richt not a winning record over these last then that day 6 years against our own weak division), to lose to Boise State who also doesn’t have the talent on their roster we handed Mark Richt and his coaching staff, and to lose to Florida – duh. Then, we should play 1 of the truly great SEC teams Alabama, LSU or Arkansas who will clean our clocks in The SEC Championship Game.

    All of this because we cannot run the football, cannot block for the run, don’t play the right players in the right play calls, don’t have any semblance of a Secondary including Brandon Boykin who is a natural running back not a corner, have no fullback and have no one who has ever sacked an opposing quarterback while our Offense is # 72 in the nation at making 1st Downs.

    Oh yeah – we are just great. I love me some posters who call Dawgola Tesla at Georgia tek fan to his face on his blog. Note please that post at 10:02 am remains in-tack here on his WebPages.

    You’re the problem we have with this football program. Fans of Mark Richt and not of UGA football, who instead should be told that which Dawgola Tesla told us all today. I am not satisfied with these last 5 years by any stretch of the imagination. Not close. Try telling me that I am a fan of Georgia tek, or that I am a negative-Nancy about our UGA Bulldogs’ football program. You have no leg to stand on, so you might as well go find those sites who do not allow dissenting opinions. This is not 1 of them.

  29. Anon 12:51,

    Uh..thanks for your support. But for the record, I had not put anything about Boykin at RB before today on the blog. That post in the comments you are referring to was by someone else. If we ever need a 1,234,587 word post in the future, we'll give you a ring. Glad you enjoy the site.

  30. "I have said for 2 years, I'd give anything to see Boykin on a toss sweep. His balance and vision is better than any back on the roster, now, and the previous two that are no longer on the team."

    Yes, I see that was at 11:02 not by you Dawgola Tesla. It is just that the post at 11:02 was exactly precisely every point you made.

    And, you did make the point as did another blog today, that Brandon Boykin should have long ago been tried at running back. This is 1 of your points.

    It is a point which I made during the 2008 season, where to me to my eyes, he proved he was our top running back once Knowshon left after just 2 years here, as we all knew he would.

    I will defend any site who allows viewpoints other than their own and will expose those posters who feel it better - somehow unmentioned - that only their opinion should be allowed.

    That they will leave a site who offers any opinion contrary to their own.

    I don't feel that I have that much to say, and that overall my total numbers of characters or words are quite limited. This is because when necessary, I have my say.

    I read every blog. Your blog is only 1. I read every blog every day. I try to reply if I got up early enough to do so, or still am up late enough to do so.

    I feel I covered this point as well as I could.

    You and 11:02 today are 2 peas in a pod. You both say exactly the same as each other. No difference. It was 11:02 who states he said the same as you today, back 2 years ago.

    I can tell you both where you both got it and the other blog today saying the exact same as you and 11:02.

    December 2008 when it was clear that Knowshon was gone after but 2 seasons, also not used correctly here at RB. I point precisely to 2008 we played 3 good teams, that is all. Against those 3 good teams we handed the football to Knowshon an avg of 14 carries.

    We not only lost to all 3 of the only good teams we played 2008, but all 3 also ran up consecutive points against us of 29, 31 and 42.

    This doesn't happen because of a poor defense.

    This happens because the offense cannot control the football in The SEC.

    Sorry to chime in. You don't need my support for your blog to do well.

    You have already presented yourself in the most possible positive light.

    Thank you for your site.

    I challenge some other sites such as GTP to try to one day be as good as site as you are on this blog today with all their viewpoints right here for everyone to see.

    I have no idea how you are to be in here bragging on, hyping, and drinking the Kool-Aid on your chosen topic of the day today.

    Maybe they can give us all the WebPages URL Link where they now will take their obvious talents at writing on your subject today so that all of us can be better as Bulldogs' football fans.

    They are pretty small people and sorry at pointing out what is so wrong about admitting that we have no proven running game - other than we don't have 1.

  31. The major ranter here sounds a lot like BuLLdog.