Friday, July 29, 2011

So UNC, Was It Worth The Trouble?

If I can recall one gigantic future DOH! in my past it was the morning that Butch Davis was hired as North Carlina's coach. I just couldn't think anything other than, "Man, this guy is gonna royally eff this program and in about 2 years it's gonna be making like the Hindenberg over Lakehurst, New Jersey."

Instead it took four.

The news of Dick Baddour's resignation makes this, for me (and any person with a lick of sense), an open and shut case. We're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. If you just think that it's because the "regime change" in the ranks of state academia, I couldn't disagree with you more. There's one really good reason for this, well if you're T.O.'s pubilicist, there's about 2.7 million of 'em.

"We recognize that $2.7 million may be what this ends up costing us," Thorp said. "I've reached the conclusion that ... the athletics program will need to pay whatever it is we need to pay to make the separation happen." - Associated Press

There's absolutely no reason that you'd fire a guy mid-stream when he's doing a serviceable job and "doesn't know anything about the improprieties" going on in your program AND on top of that it costs you nearly $3 mil. It's the definition of stupiditiy if that's really your reason.

Basically, the reason here is that UNC is saying, "OH $HIT, WE GOT SOME SERIOUS $HIT ON DECK!!! Let's tell these gullible media types that we didn't know about this and drop anchor in a hurry."

There's really no other explanation. NONE.

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