Friday, July 15, 2011

Samuel: Richt Confirms the Move

Per a release:

"After discussions with Richard, his family, and our coaches I'm excited that Richard wants to make the move," said Richt. "He's one of our fastest and most powerful players, is very mature, has a strong character and is a man we can count on. I'm proud of him for always putting the team first and I look forward to seeing what he can do."

"I'm excited about the opportunity at tailback," said Samuel. "I'm ready to do anything that will help the team win."

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't said glowing things about Richard Samuel in his running back past. I was a HUGE fan of his at first, and after seeing him in the first week of his first semester on campus (when he just turned 17), I was convinced that I'd never see another 17 year old that big in my life. I still 100% believe that too, by the way.

After a so-so game against Okie State, Crackolina, and a decent stat line against Arkansas (1 carry for an 80 yard TD and 15 others for 24 yards -- 1.6 a pop) I had some hope that he'd be a pretty good back. Things quickly went down hill and I was made fun of for my earlier enthusiasm and his 3 ypc average after those three games. Subsequently, he hasn't toted the rock for about 20 months (injury/position change redshirt year included).

While those stats are certainly fodder for someone out there to drum up criticism of the 2nd position change, that CERTAINLY is not what this article is about. WATCH OUT WE'RE ENTERING THE NO SPIN ZONE FOLKS!

First off, take a deep breath.

Blink your eyes twice.


Why was the move necessary? After all, we have 3 scholarship backs and a walk-on that people seemed to be impressed with (all 5'6 and 155 pounds of him). It would appear to me that we have enough bodies, so again, if we have the men, what's missing? I don't see the coaching staff moving a now full-time defensive player to running back when he hasn't cradled the pigskin in almost 2 years if they weren't seriously concerned about the talent pool.

Past that, the other glaring thought in my mind is, "AGAIN?!?!? WTF COACHING STAFF? ONCE AGAIN WE'RE MOVING AROUND A KID AND PI$$ING AWAY HIS TALENT?"

I've heard this story before. Kiante Tripp, Brandon Miller, Bean Anderson, Branden Smith ring a bell? I keep revisiting this, but it seems like we're the only team in America that has kids who are uber-talented and can't find them a position on the football field. It's one of the knocks that I just can't get past with CMR. It happens once - really no big deal, but it just keeps on materializing.

And it's even in our recruiting:
  •  Bay Bay Thomas was recruited as a tight end.
  • Cam Newton recruited as a tight end too. Why would Richt even admit this?
  • Matt Patchan was recruited as a defensive lineman. He now plays offensive tackle for the Gators.
The list goes on. And I draw closer to boredom.

If you wanna boil this down and I was in Richie's shoes, I'd say, "Appreciate effing my chances of ever playing in the LEAGUE. Thanks, but no thanks on the eleventy first move. I'm doing my best Lebron and taking my talents to South Beach. Deuces."

I can never elaborate the amount of respect I have for Richard. He's by far a better, more loyal guy than I can fathom. He's the epitome of Damn Good Dawg to do something like this. Despite the heat I'd get from the crazies, I'd tell Richt I was tired of playing musical positions and this type of stuff is bordering on ridiculous.

It's yet another great example of why I'd go elsewhere if I was big, fast, incredibly athletic, had an affectation for mojitos, and wanted to play football in the NFL. You don't see Florida State or Miami shuffling these guys around until their eligibility is used up. No, they just put them on the field for the whole practice and say, "Show me what you do best cause we gotta get you on the field and make use of all this talent."

I continue to pull my hair out over this. If it's really that bad of a situation, I'm all for it. But can't we ever get past this mode of operation?

Oh and Richie, you're one helluva DGD.


  1. Is it a surprise that experience behind Ealey & King was thin? It's a move to get a guy with experience, something lacking, to compete for the top spot on the depth chart. You hope Crowell catches on fast and works out, but he may not. So you had to make the move. And don't cry for Samuel, he's doing what gives him the best chance to get on the field. If Thomas, Crowell & Malcome are good enough to be the top guy, the move won't effect them. Linebackers are deep, so no losers in this move. If things change, you have to go with it and make the best of it. Hindsight's 20/20.

  2. Not that big of a surprise, but I feel your pain. I was against the move.