Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Robert Carter (Hoops Recruit) Update

The Class of 2011 is centrally important to Mark Fox. If you haven't noticed, we THOROUGHLY enjoy talking about hoops recruiting and basketball in general. I'd venture to say, currently, I enjoy talking hoops even more than football. People's attitude and general perception of the program is improving and Mark Fox is an extremely likable guy. In my opinion, he's exactly the type of coach our basketball program needed.

Notice I didn't say THE exact coach our program needed (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH PLEASE). I honestly think he has done a tremendous job thus far, but the jury is still out on if he can recruit with the big boys. I'm not referring to the traditional powerhouses, but I think we should be able to keep at least some big-time guys in state. Not all, but if you get one or two of the 4 or 5-star caliber guys per year and some other guys that have potential, you're certainly going to build a program.

I think we'll really have a great answer in two years. My personal belief is that he'll right the ship and put the hoops program where it should be, but like I said, he's gotta get those big fish in the small pond that is Athens, Georgia. He's a really, really good coach and I haven't even mentioned the fact that he's exceptionally gifted in the aspects of building a true "team" and making young men out of these kids.

Getting back to my point, Fox has to make some inroads in the recruiting world. Considering 2011 is a huge year in state, there are three front court guys that are mega-huge targets - Shaq Goodwin, Robert Carter, and Tony Parker.

Goodwin is still up in the air, though I recently heard some good things for our hopes of landing the five-star PF. Tony Parker is down to two powerhouses it looks like in Ohio State and Duke. That leaves us with Thomasville PF, Robert Carter.

Garrett Tucker of Nation of Blue (Kentucky site - I know you're surprised) reported yesterday that he is hearing that Carter will soon commit to the Cats. He apparently found the insight from prep hoops legend Bob Gibbons. A tweet from Gibbons yesterday (sourced by Tucker):

This news comes as a very big surprise given Carter's previously thought of front-runners have been penned as the Florida schools and he has yet to visit Kentucky. He also lists offers from the Dukes and UNCs, so this one likely appears to be another one of those guys that people whine and moan about Fox not getting. I've never really expected him to go to Georgia and I don't think any analysts do, so it really won't be a "loss" in my opinion.

So basically, this year's recruiting philosophy for PFs should be "GIVE GOODWIN ALL THE LOVE" because it looks like it's curtains for the other two big names in-state.


  1. UGA really does not need a post player in this class,but I really like Shaq Goodwin and I feel pretty good about hime coming to UGA imo.So,I think this is what the class of 2012 looks like.
    1:Deondre haynes(and Charles Mann if possible)
    2:Kenny Gaines
    3:Brandon Morris or Jacorey Williams
    4:Shaq Goodwin
    Would you agree that this years class might look similar to this?

  2. If everything is going so well for Goodwin then why is he still playing on that Memphis feeder AAU team?