Thursday, July 14, 2011

Richard Samuel Moving to Tailback?

There is a great deal of evidence growing that suggests Richard Samuel is moving BACK to running back. Here is some of the evidence put out so far:

1. THIS ARTICLE posted by ABH's Marc Weiszer yesterday. Here is an excerpt:

"Richard Samuel, the former tailback turned linebacker, could be a very real possibility again in the backfield, I was told today."

2. Richard Samuel's twitter post:

“Have a tough life changing decision to make right now.”

3. Radi Nabusi, who writes for, had this Samuel quote on his twitter:

Samuel has already been passed on the depth chart by Alec Ogletree. Again, NOTHING OFFICIAL has come out yet, but the message boards are certainly buzzing. There have also been rumors that he is losing weight (he was a stout 245) which could also point to a move, but I could find no hard evidence to confirm this. 

I hate to say I told you so, but my article Monday brazenly put all of our running back troubles on the table. Evidently the coaches agree. BUT there is nothing official yet so I won't gloat any more. If Samuel does make the move, the coaches must really be desperate. It's tough to ask a guy to redshirt while learning a position, then turn around and ask him to move before he plays a snap. Crazy stuff. 

We'll keep you updated if we hear anything official.


  1. You do what's best for your team. Like Hines Ward did a few years ago. It also gives Samuel a real chance to get playing time. He would be the most experienced running back on the team. He was productive as a back, is big, is a terrific passblocker, and has size and speed. He and Crowell will be a good 1-2 punch. Nothing subs for experience in the SEC and Samuel has it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Samuel gets more reps than Crowell in 2011, if what some have said about Crowell being out of shape, and acting like he's entitled. If Samuel could get 5 ypc for 15 carries against Boise & South Carolina, might be interesting. He did average around 5 yards a carry as a back. What do you think--am I crazy here?

  2. Not crazy. I think Samuel's past performance as a RB looked worse than it actually was. In other words, his stats showed he was slightly better than people thought (include me in that group). One thing is for sure: out of these four guys - Crowell, Thomas, Malcome, and Samuel - someone will not be getting a lot of playing time.

  3. Considering we don't really have a NUMBERS problem (3 scholarship guys and a walk-on)that's a big vote of confidence from the coaching staff. Wait, did I forget a "no" somewhere?

    Seriously, I figured it would happen, but considering that NUMBERS issue above, it's a bit disconcerting that the staff is jumping through these type of hoops at this point. What does that tell you they think?

    There's plenty of bodies...

  4. Thing that worries you, is Coach Grantham's defense getting worse with a lot of his players having to move over to the other side of the ball with all of the offensive depth issues at receiver (Mitchell/Smith), running back(Samuel), and offensive line(Anderson/Smith/Geathers). The risk is, making the offense only mildly better due to inexperience at the positions, and making the strength of the team, the defense, weaker too. Is moving defensive guys over to offense too risky?

  5. Has our recruiting/scouting gone brain dead? Are there not any cc/juco backs/OL out there capable of D1 play. Yes, the top has been gleaned off by other schools but surely there are some with size, experience, coachability and desire to play as backups to current crop. We have the space with schollys..isn't anyone looking/aware of some guys out there??