Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RE: My Running Back Article (From Yesterday)

Here are some thoughts about my running backs article yesterday (the one that almost caused heads to explode):

Some of you people posting in the comments section need to relax and realize that just because I post polarizing OPINIONS of certain players, that doesn't mean I'm that I'm a "hater" all the time. People posting things like "your negativity is unwanted and I'm never coming back to this site" makes me almost laugh. Believe you me -- I hope CT and KM run for 4900 yards apiece this season...I just don't see it. It's my opinion. I didn't make up any lies, and I admit, I could have used some different verbiage, but it was an opinion that I NEVER saw getting that kind of response (and my opinions of their playing ability wasn't even the main point of the article). I was simply trying to guess who the coaching staff would consider moving if they wanted to add someone to the backfield.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you what I wrote two days ago. It's tough -- especially in the summer months AND the fact that we are not getting paid for this -- to post interesting/insightful material day in and day out. But we try anyway. Yesterday elicited more feedback than any other article we have written to my knowledge, so in many ways I'm glad I wrote it. I do not hate CT as a person and he might be a really hard worker, I just think he stinks as a running back. As for Malcome, I am in "see it to believe it" mode with him the way our RBs have been lately (and yes...I still think someone else will get moved to RB).

I SERIOUSLY doubt CT, KM, or anyone who matters, actually read the article. If you go through the archives, I think you will find just as many positive/neutral articles as negative ones we have written. We care nothing about filtering through ONLY good news/opinions concerning UGA...that's not an interesting model. Just my opinion. I know I'm only talking to a small amount of our readers but I thought an explanation was still warranted.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Tesla-Yesterday your board lit up like your ancestor Nikola cranked up his alternative current. Maybe you were a little tough on a couple of running backs but your point was well-made: there is no objective evidence that we have an adequate SEC running game and there are athletes on the team who might could help. Problems exist with any of the potential moves because we are so thin at the positions from which these players would have to be moved. Also a runnning game is a combination of a skilled running back, a line that can execute, and overall play calling that shows creativity; all three requirements have defeciencies right now but we can still hope. Keep up the good work on the blog and you are to be congratulated on the commenters you have accumulated; they are passionate and knowledgeable Dawg fans and worth taking a little heat from.

  2. I agree with the KM comment he needs to show me what he can do. The CT comment about not being a good runner I don't because he was not used in a proper way. Bobo ran him like he was a 210lb back so for what he accomplished im still impressed. As far as moving a starting D player to the O that doesn't make sense to me why give up on the D side of the ball just to gain maybe a yard and a half per carry average. Let them stay were they are at and hope the D can shut them down

  3. I keep hearing that we are not using CT in the proper way. What exactly is the proper way to use a guy with average speed, average quickness, fumbling problems and an inability to break tackles? Not to mention that he has the size of a female gymnast.

    Dawgola, your post, while perhaps a bit harsh on the language, was, as Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito would say, "dead on balls accurate"

  4. I didn't jump in yesterday because I thought you were spot on... only one little twist. I have lots of faith that CT and Boo are good running backs. I do not have confidence they can be good running backs in the "system" Bobo runs. Your points are all valid given the plug and play of CT last year and the scratching of heads wondering why. Having said that, a change in the offensive schemes are going to be necessary due to the line. I don't know if that will help or hurt CT and Boo but until they prove it on the field, it will remain in my mind a serious concern heading into the BSU game.

  5. Carlton Thomas' best 3 games were against the cupcakes L. Lafayette, Vanderbilt & Idaho State. He can't passblock, can't run in short yardage and can't catch passes.

  6. All valid points, and I was actually really looking forward to seeing CT when he first arrived on campus. Unfortunately, I think blaming his ineffectiveness on Bobo might be a stretch.

  7. Good Then this means you won't criticize Richt and Staff's coaching since the players aren't up to your standards to begin with.

    It's amazing how a kid performs throughout high school, gets recruited by all sorts of major D-1 schools and selects our school while all the time being substandard. I didn't reply because of your negative slant, it was because you don't know dip about players. Where in hell were your comments when he was recruited?

  8. It's amazing to me that given the privilege to write these articles, you leap onto fragile areas that have occurred due to dumb bad luck and think we want to read some invented hypolaneg that drives us further into depression. Your reasoning is frivolous and adds nothing to our appreciation of UGA football. Inane and vapid best describe your writings.

  9. Anon 1:52,

    At what point did I say ALL of our players "aren't up to my standards". I wrote an article about a month or two ago suggestion that Aaron Murray is a top-ten QB in the country. The other day during our Garrison Smith Countdown post, I said our Defenensive Line should have a great year. But...if we have another sub-par year, then yes, I will most likely criticize Richt and Co.

    Anon 2:06,

    Anyone can start their own blog for free. I wouldn't call it a "privilege" necessarily. And it's silly to suggest that EVERY reader should agree with EVERY opinion I might have. Try not to get to depressed about it.

    And for the record, criticizing a player's playing ability is not a "fragile area" imo. Players getting arrested for felonies or people on message boards (like the AJC's) making racist remarks is.

  10. You can take every player on the team and drudge up what you see as poor playing ability. You could even single out the few bad playing moments in Murray's career and devote a column only to that subject. And you can keep coming back to defend remarks because you don't entertain critical thought, you swell up against it. It gives you more replies that enhance your technical key strokes hits. All of us can do that. It's untalented as a writer. I could call Richt a skinhead because his hair is short, but I know that would only appeal to a certain audience.

    We are fans, not analysts looking for typed words to keep our job.

    Excuse us for differing mightily with you when you run a defenseless player into the ground. Player's psyches ARE fragile and how you can defend hurtful untrue remarks about them as "realism" and we are supposed to get something that is helpful toward our team and coaches from it constitutes "unrealism" on your part.

    The sick, long rants you pandered to yesterday has imbued you with false bravado about your words. They must have made you feel swell about the Georgia Bulldogs's team and coaches going forward and the type of fan you have attracted for the future.

  11. "And you can keep coming back to defend remarks because you don't entertain critical thought, you swell up against it."

    You must have missed the part when I said "All good points" in regards to the first few comments on this article. People like you won't let this article go and it's getting embarrassing. I wrote the one today to put a fork in it and TRY to let everyone know that I was not attempting to destroy a kid's psyche, but point out that because of his limitations as a player, we might see another position change. That's it. Stop trying to make this a witch hunt. Feel free to continue to comment but I'm done responding (in regards to this subject anyway).

  12. Atta Boy! Quit in the 4th qtr.