Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEWS on Jarvis Jones Controversy

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That's all I got, Cotton.

Just a little update here, nothing fancy, but I thought that I'd drop you a little word on the latest out of Athens (now subsequently, Columbus).

We're hearing that the NCAA is now officially starting an investigation and will be conducting interviews in Columbus sometime starting today. Despite what we said in the podcast (as of last night around 8-ish), we now have reason to believe that this NCAA is, in fact, involved. To what degree that involvement is ramped up to, we're not exactly sure, but the wheels of NCAA "justice" are slowly turning.

I don't have any solid info as to whom they'll be interviewing, but I'd assume there will be a full NCAA audit of the entire Parks and Recreation department, of which Jones' guardian (and ticket purchasor) and the AAU coach in question is employed. Also don't want to leave out the gobs of relatives they'll sequester to assure that his relationship with Shelley Stevens is legit and conforms to the "prior" doctrine so frequently made light of in these cases.

I'm still of the mindset that this is going to work out and be a non-issue, but we're Georgia and they're the NCAA and, seemingly, we never are afforded a break.


  1. What authority does the NCAA have to investigate and audit any Parks and Recreation department anywhere? What authority does the NCAA have that would require any AAU personnel to answer thier questions?

  2. UGA is NEVER afforded a break for ONE reason: UGA was one of the schools that sued the NCAA & won the right to negotiate TV coverage rights directly with the networks. Prior to that ALL NCAA member TV contracts were with the NCAA. We took their $$ making away.

  3. The timeline previously set for practice and game play was all on UGA's investigation. They turned their info over to the NCAA and now they will proceed to investigate separately. The timelines have now changed and who knows when and if NCAA will report back in a timely manner? Not me.

    Get ready for another AJ run into the first games of the season. This is all so wrong.
    How far back can they investigate every member of our team based upon they are now into us again?

    Why not get preliminary NCAA decisions issued for teams based upon the school's investigation along with the caveat that incorrect or reports lacking in due diligence could change things? Nothing wrong with that tact that we can't deal with, but at least you wouldn't have the player and the team twisting in the wind.

  4. Martin Van DawginJuly 27, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    We have good reason to believe that this matter is going to be resolved without a suspension or any NCAA blowback.

    The Columbus paper may make some new info known today, which we have no knowledge of. That may or may not change what we think, but I'm leaning toward the latter based on what I've heard in Columbus.

  5. Amazing Martin Van Dawgin, sir. I mean the police report is public record. It is quite clear. Impermissable benefits. He has to sit probably closer to 6 games, as it stands now sir. It is just more uncertainty and more shifting around of players for a team dealing with exactly that all over the Depth Chart from all these 25 players on the roster last Media Guide who are not on the roster this Media Guide through transfers, quit, academics, injuries, suspension, and now this. So, we come out and say oh nothing to it. Waste of everyone's time.

    Not sure why to paint that picture. Not sure how to skip over obviously even that the NCAA is not going to meet our timetable of what do we do starting next Thursday less than a week now before we start practice with our ILB Starter clearly not going to be anything but we must hold him out until we hear.

    And, practices clearly will be therefore sir affected as to who plays where shuffling all that around, especially in light of Burrows surgery discussion and Richard Samuel ahead of him at LB on latest depth chart at # 2.

    Just saying I believe that is way unclear to state nothing will come of any of this.

    Wow is all I can say to that, sir.