Thursday, July 21, 2011

New ESPNU Doc, "Storied", Debuts with "Herschel"

Set your TIVO if you can't find one to watch ESPNU's new show, Storied, debuting September 7th at Check out the preview below. There are a few questions I have down below after watching the preview.

Here are a few details about the new "U" project from, of all sources, The Red and Black:

ESPN will create four one-hour documentaries highlighting the traditions, rivalries and stories of the Southeastern Conference it was announced Wednesday at the SEC Media Days.

ESPNU will televise four “Storied” documentaries per year. The series’ second film highlighting the first SEC football championship game will air in December. All of the films will re-air on ESPN or ESPN2.

... Herschel explores how Walker’s career in the SEC was legendary, but his journey off the field was filled with struggle, pain, and ultimately, redemption. Growing up in rural Georgia, Walker was relentlessly bullied for being overweight and having a severe stutter. He turned those taunts into motivation, transforming himself into a superior athlete. Unable to afford weight training equipment, Walker self-trained by doing 5,000 pushups and sit-ups every day after school, racing oncoming locomotive trains and running barefoot in 100-degree heat while pulling a 50-pound tire.

Beside the fact that Herschel looks like a cybernetic organism (living flesh over metal endoskeleton) more than he ever has, I thought that the ESPNU crews juxtaposed in the middle of one of those "guest" workouts in Athens at the track was a little odd. He's made himself scarce around the place for the last 25 years, but he just shows up for a incognito workout? Maybe it was that the crew had been watching Herschel be Herschel? I don't know, but I was very surprised and intrigued to see it. 

Conspiracy theories aside, this looks like a good way to spend an hour on a Wednesday night in September.

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